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  1. My EwREction has rasted moe than eitght owaaa whurr dorr i dooooe?
  2. will trade explorer without subs for stroked 302 400hp ford motor...

  3. NO buy i totally want to put hella beat stickers everywhere...awesome find!
  4. mr.p


    Whatever your medication is...I want some!
  5. Picked up my 4 2k's couldnt be happier !
  6. At first i thought this was going to be lame, but after watching it was pretty neat! Little fancier editing and itd be alot more entertaining than pimp my ride
  7. Will you lick my winker baby?

  8. You can calculate all you want... End of the day there are so many variables, you might have a perfect design on paper, but lacking experience to actually make it perform can be a deal breaker. I trust some peoples "opinions" on what they have seen work in their application and sometimes it works in your own sometimes its 3db down. You will not know until you build and test and test and test.
  9. Damn dude you stopped the pimp hand. Snoop doggy dog would not approve.
  10. If i did not work every weekend til 6 i would be there.
  11. mr.p

    6.5inch woofer + PVC Pipe + Duct Tape =

    Did it even make a sound? I think the TL reads 120's when im idling...
  12. wow...SMD is weird man...jeeps worth more than chevy tahoes...primered vw with nasty ass interior and high miles worth more than a jeep... Man...im sitting on some gold forsure.
  13. Bike, hands down. I wouldnt buy one with intentions of going fast, that might be setting yourself up, but i go slow and adventure ride and its the best money i have EVER spent. I could sell my bike right now and buy everything and anything i need to finish my explorer...will i? HELL NO. Wake up at 10 am on a weekday...put on your jacket, helmet and gloves. Pull the choke. Nice bright sunny day, thank god i have a day off. Push the starter button and the engine roars to life. I think ill wear my open face helmet today...Cruise out of the driveway pushing the choke back in now that shes going. Make a left turn onto the busy berkeley city street....make a slow left turn pinning the throttle and wheelie into the traffic your merging into....pop through a few gears now your doing 58mph in a 25...slow down at the light and split right down the middle of the traffic out in front of all the cars...Flip the prius that is crowding you the bird. Rip off lofting the front wheel in the air slam through 3 gears back to 58mph... Buy a bike. oh rustys got a bike so whats that tell ya