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  1. will trade explorer without subs for stroked 302 400hp ford motor...

  2. Well I had issues with my mechman ford 4g and after contacting Matt he told me to send it in for repair again, and instead gave me a great deal on a 6g/4g hybrid of somesort. There was some fitment issues with the power stud being very very very close to some metal lines, but a few tweaks and blood/tears; off I go. My old alt would fry within the first few bass notes CONSISTENTLY...I just beat the PISS out of the new unit for 20-30 minutes, with 4 group 31's and 6kw, and am happy to say its working GREAT! I did not opt for the adjustable voltage, but 14.3-14.4V is a little low, I may contact you shortly to see if it can be made adjustable without too much trouble. Have to say I am definitely a happy customer!
  3. 1.5 cubes sealed sounds perfect. I would never put 4kw to a 15" sub in 2 cubes sealed ESPECIALLY one with a SHITTON of motor force, unless you like slamming softparts around.
  4. At first i thought this was going to be lame, but after watching it was pretty neat! Little fancier editing and itd be alot more entertaining than pimp my ride
  5. Will you lick my winker baby?

  6. I window welded it i hope that it holds....I may fill the grooves in the roof with resin and some sand or something. Just to add a small amount of rigidity I will probably take it somwhere to get the strongest bedliner possible put on the roof to "glue" it all together? Any other ideas?
  7. OMG im so excited....4 2k's at .5 here comes my 58
  8. Show your roofcrack pics? That is with fiberglass headliner and expansion foam above it and reinforced roof braces....this part the expansion foam wasnt touching as it was behind the wall...oh well live and learn.
  9. Well...I have been battling 2 small cracks in the front of my roof for years....I looked at it today to find a solution other than windoweld (works great btw) Lo and behold the middle of my roof is now seriously F^#@! up. http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h269/whengodcallstimeout/Photo_CCAA0840-A613-2FE1-EC97-07FA1A20B610.jpg I blame this on the level 5's. Ill pump more expanding foam in there and just window weld the ever living s%@@ out of it. Might be time for some diamond plate. I couldnt believe this crack just tore itself open in such a short time. I now have a roof that looks like swiss cheese I felt like sharing I showed you mine, show me yours
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