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  1. make sure yu didnt double gasket the filter because yu could end up buying a new engine. just saying.
  2. it should work fine. im running a 750cfm 2 barrel on my ford 302. its in a race car. it puts out about 485 hp
  3. it could be lifters, rocker arms, valve springs who knows. no oil causes a lot of problems. either way the only real way to find out is to pull the engine apart.
  4. buy some dye (prefferably green) pour it into your power steering system and use a black light to find the leak. Thats one way of doing it. Most of the time the leak occurs on one of the power steering lines where the metal turns into rubber or vise versa.
  5. i have cod mw2 on ps3 and i own. when i go onto the 360 i own even harder. im only a 62 no prestige.
  6. this http://onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/Produc...ProductID=18750 or this http://onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/Produc...ProductID=20590
  7. Most everyone on this forum is gonna tell you DC Sound Lab subs with Sundown Audio amps. So yea.
  8. yea ive never heard of that brand either. go with a dual flip out. i have one and hav never had any problems with it and it has everything i need.
  9. You should go with the samsung omnia its a great phone although its a little difficult to get used to all the features.
  10. lets play. MTX8500 hit me up
  11. Well i just did my cousins Grand Prix its an '01. I put 2 12s in the trunk they have a ported box and he has plenty of room left.
  12. Alright first of all, are you talkin about running both JL's and MTX and i believe that the JL's are 300 rms
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