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  1. @ work....checking in see what all the cool kids are up to.

  2. i have a aq 2200 if you havent found anything yet.

  3. JPM75

    WTB AQ2200D

    i have one, would make you a good deal on it. pm me if you want it! have 4 sd 2.5 15s too!
  4. Anyone wanting to buy Audioque SDC 15s, or AQ 2200? PM me.

  5. I totally forgot about this thread I started. I ended up getting the Samsung Captivate. My only complaint is that it's taking forever to get a 2.2 upgrade! (for me anyways....others might have it by now.) I know there is a XDA Developers .exe Odin file that is a "one click" flasher upgrade, but I'm to chicken shit to try it....don't want to brick my phone....so that being said, anybody tried this yet, or gotten the upgrade OTA??
  6. JPM75

    WTB 2 15s

    I just pmd you on this, check it. -Joe
  7. I just dl'd it a second ago......I like it!
  8. Tracking #...... Any way I could get one from you?

    -Joe Muterspaugh

  9. I'm somewhat excited about the launch of this 5" tablet/smart phone hybrid, however, it is a brick of a device, so would it be practical?? Seen several previews, and reviews, looks very promising. I'm seriously considering pre-ordering this thing, but wanted to see what other SMDrs had to say about it. Thoughts,likes,dislikes......discuss. Here is one of the hands on tour videos from YouTube.
  10. One of the more violent roof flex vidz I've seen! Fucking nuts for sure!!!
  11. Other than making it stronger, or what not....what is th reason for rebuild? Looked nice as hell to start with. What amps are on the AQ 18s?
  12. The SD 2.5 does 600, and 1200 max, just save a little more, and get the HDC 3.......what amp are you running? EDIT: HDC3s are $269
  13. Hmmm....you did it just like the manual says, good ground, plenty of power.....? Master amp to master output, and slave to input slave, checked all connections?
  14. Hey man, this is what Richard came up with for me....what's urs look like?


  15. Right on.......when ya get a chance, let me sneak a peak at it...maybe I'll get one!:)

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