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  1. I don’t like shooting mine much. It’s a gun for people with big hands. I’ve fallen hard for the cz pistols at this point
  2. I’ve debated one. I just haven’t done it. Let me know what you think. I shot the shadow 2 this weekend. I shoot it really well. Fits me really well. I’m hoping the holster shows before my next match. I’ve got all the parts to tune it coming too
  3. You’re thinking about it too hard. When you control the controllers you can do anything
  4. I once heard someone say how can you block WiFi. It’s like in the air and stuff.
  5. I’ve really become a fan of the 6.5. I still have love for the 308 but there isn’t a better long range cartridge right now.
  6. I’ve got a vortex pst gen2 5-25 on it. Almost all my rifles are wearing a vortex of some sort. Ive got a strikefire spitfire 2 strike ar pst 1-4 pst 4-16 two strike eagles razor hd 1-6 pst 6-24 pst 2.5x10 pst gen2 5-25 and some more I’m probably forgetting
  7. Nice what are you pairing it with? I need to slow my roll. I’ve spent so much money with the place I’ve been buying my guns they upgraded my shipping. Im also at any day now for two of my cans. I think around September I’m doing a cyclops for the 50 too
  8. Good to see he hasn’t grown up in ten years. He’s been shitting on anyone that isn’t him for at least that long.
  9. You know when you said caddy I thought of chickens. Then I remembered you’ve got one too.
  10. I’ve become a massive beer snob.
  11. Where did you order from. My turd daily has ugly bulbs and that just annoys me
  12. I’ve had a good run. I’m trying to track down some 50 bmg ammo now. There’s an Appleseed shoot on Saturday and I feel like touching off a few rounds a few feet away sounds like a good iddea
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