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  1. Are you on ptcruiser forums?

  2. I have them in my doors. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/116155-lowpts-new-build/ I like them but, I wished they put out just a little more mid-bass.
  3. Amazon is where I got mine. Both fast and cheap, right to your door!!
  4. thats wierd. i tried it with a touch, a nano, and a class AND with a/v and it didnt work lol my friend has a 9412. what do you have? With my 9512 I use the A/V cables and have to control everything on the ipod. the headunit controls only work for music.
  5. The clasic is considered gen 6. I have the same problem with my 9512. I have to use AV cables. I have a friend that says a touch works on his to play video. You may want to give that a try.
  6. which Ipod is it? I think it will play video fron gen 4 or 5 only.
  7. I was thinking the same thing as you guys when he was saying he would be chasing the guy down. Also, isn't the guy "Tex" that he mentions he loves at the end of the video, the one that shot himself in the leg doing a quick draw?
  8. Those would be cool as shit mounted in a door the way I have my crossovers mounted!!
  9. I ordered my front struts from them. It was the best price I could find, after Airride Tech. left me holding the bag, literally. They were very friendly and shipped very quick.
  10. Just design and build it yourself. You will feel so much more pride when showing it off knowing that you done it all. This is the perfect one to start with as well, small enclosure with a single driver. Just decide where you want it to go and do as chrislun said, L"xW"xH"/1728 don't forget to account for speaker and port displacement. I think Sundown is recommending 12"^2 for port area.
  11. I am kinda wrong it's considered a 38. A 55 should be 21" high. I have one under my house too. ...and a 30, 10, 20. LOL Why is it that we accumulate extras in whatever hobby we are in?? http://www.aquarium-stand-plans.com/aquarium_size_chart.htm
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