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  1. if they say anything,then chances are ppl will start moving out....people moving out = losing money... also no they are not obligated to tell you everything that goes on.
  2. Car audio should be the last thing to ever invest in... you dont NEED audio, you NEED a house you NEED appliances. Car audio is a WANT and can always wait. But with time and patience you will have it all
  3. Who said there is no fog machine? When the blunts start getting passed around
  4. i was there today lets just say hes too caught up in paper work to the ceiling, dont expect updates anytime this week haha
  5. Does anyone know where if even possible i can watch mobile games, nba if possible? Just wondering maybe u guys know, because i can't find anything :/
  6. Steve get ready for the U SHOULD DO THIS I WULD DO THIS I WOULD I WOULD I WOULD, S u should finish it first b4 posting anymore pics
  7. Can i have the old box so i can sell it lol jk. Good luck bro can't believe u ripped a heart out of perfectly working system lol....ces got to u didn't it haha
  8. As the sayings goes, if u have to ask it's probably like walking on leggos
  9. I blame nate because he is anti seal and peel and against subwoofer break in
  10. U have 25 posts and u never came across the rules moron?
  11. Nope waste of money my dad tried after smoking 40 years nothing i hear the pills ^^^ work tho. I know it's not easy but if u wanted to stop u can
  12. yes it was built for a tahoe/yukon not xl just normal LS but will fit any vehicle that i have listed above. yes it fits in all of the trucks listed above not science but insecurities are always there, and yeah if i can fit in a tahoe it can fit into anything as big as a excursion as far as suvs go.
  13. i feel it man no worries it always happens, i got into this whole argument with one of my dispatchers cuz she couldn't tell sarcasm through the text lol. i know its 17 cubes 28hz wide 49ish and ill try to measure it out tomorrow see what the rest of the dimensions are
  14. i didnt mean to come off mean if thats what it sounded like :/. i was just thinking if youre in MN why would u drive out here when u build a twin of it for cheaper then fuel lol.. but im not sure ill have to find out the specs
  15. why does it matter ur in MN but im not too sure on the specs honestly
  16. It is cheap for what it is. And it is all laminated inside and out
  17. I go that way every now and then but doubt any time soon
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