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  1. Im a pretty good camera man Hahah.. but Steve said next time I can bring dynamite stix to blow the losing box up... ok I'm lying but. It was fun the prizes were sick but I highly doubt there will be anything like thaat again. Cuz Steve is giving a lot away just to show everyone a good time
  2. so what, ppl comitte suicide everyday fuck em most are psychos
  3. Idk what to say really because words can't describe it. It sounds amazing the highs are loud but then again the bass is brutal... sad to say the towers are a lot louder *bass wise* then most peoples cars on here, building vibrates shit rattles. I Honeslty can't imagine having those in the house I'm wlling to make a bet that 2 blocks down neighbors would perfectly hear the music... its pretty insane. I'm sure for the people That have heard it can vouche..... Edit: stupid ass droid
  4. i took videos but.................theyre on steves camera i only got some bass videos on mine nothing important
  5. Was pretty funny and the prizes were very expenssive too......well exept davids
  6. if you have another amp hook it up if it doesnt go into protect its the new amp its defected. if the other amp goes into protect then its your wiring. now the comments below mine are about to say shit like u need 0gauge dont listen to em noobs
  7. by getting a license to open a shop. i believe u will be fucked if someones car burns down and they sue you... its not a bad idea but you have to be ready to invest before getting anywhere
  8. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/forum/139-mechman-alternators-and-12v-accessories/
  9. just do 15s 18s isnt anything but a size. wheni think about it id probably just do some 12s honestly
  10. This is why I drive trucks no one to bug me other then retard drivers sometimes other then that its great. But don't let them talk to you the way you don't appreciate being talked to. Give them some black eyes and bruised ribs
  11. What I do on the road when I'm driving take my shirt off put on a Michael phelps shower cap on pull out a shower scrub sponge, and when other trucks pass me I pretend I'm scrubbing my self while driving... the looks on ppls faces are epic!!! And also make fun of swift drivers but that's another story LOL.
  12. I'll try to come out and kick it and bring you back the MAC mini cd before I lose it LOL. I'll contribute ill buy lunch for 1st place your choice. Edit:spelling
  13. You shouldn't even be in this thread after my kickback Lmao......"Mr 2 and a half beers" Hahaha I'll drink anything that tAstes good at bars I spend 100+ on vodka and orange juice or vodka and rockstar.. or do it like this... .
  14. there is a pathfinder with a box type like that doing high 50s seems to work since it worked for them and derrek
  15. I'm def not a pro, but just build it louder. It's not always the betters equipment . Imo the L7's and T1's are pretty comparable
  16. This is a car audio discussion forum not zippos, But new things are cool like I came across a pen forum the things those people do with those pens are beyond extreme. What can your zippo do? not counting burning my house down
  17. Of anything ill be ustreaming it if Steve allowes and if I'm actually there lol.. good luck to the contestees though
  18. nothing in stores? so i dont need to worry about shipping, could maybe go up to 750-800 total but thats about it unless i wait another couple weeks patience pays off trust me. or else you will be rebuilding and wasting more money then you though you would. dont believe me? go ahead get some knockoffs and see
  19. yeah suggestion..............save up there is no way in hell you can get 4 18s for 600 even if you can shipping is going to cost you another 400
  20. You should really stick around here for another 5 months before you do anything in that van, your ideas will change plans, equipment, ect ect. good luck
  21. im just messin wit you good luck mayne remember no quittin half way through lol steave meeabe doesnt approve of quitters ahah
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