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  1. I need a ported box design for two SA-8 v2's. Anybody know where I can find one? Or just know what port length I should use?
  2. Becoming the person you want to be is like creating a piece of art. You have an outcome in mind, you work extremely hard to produce this outcome and then usually wing it when it's not turning out the way you'd hoped! It's usually better that way because your idea will change as the piece is coming together! Enjoy the ride! No great work of art came together quickly!

  3. Come down to the Arrow Bar in downtown Texarkana behind the post office tonight! I'm dj-ing and taking requests. They have the coldest beers and friendliest staff in the area!! I promise I'll play something that will let you shake that luscious booty of yours!

  4. Anything comparable to the XXX's for a little less? I don't mind spending the money, but I just don't wanna waste it either!
  5. I figured. I just haven't gotten to hear either in person and I'm looking more for a good punchy midbass with an emphasis on SQ.
  6. I'm DJing tonight at Out and About Sports Bar (The Arrow Bar) downtown. I'll start around 7:30 or 8 and finish around midnight. Come out and chill with me! I'll play some good music and we can watch old people dance!

  7. People aren't? ha ha. Yeah, my wife would love this and genuinely retarded about stereos!
  8. Always love your candor, n8. ha ha. I thought it wasn't bad. Just needs some tweaks and better faceplate, IMO.
  9. When are people gonna stop dating Taylor Swift? She has written yet another song about how some dude played with her wittle heart and was a meany pants! Hooker! You're 22 years old. Grow up! Here's a little excerpt from her newest song, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together":"I’m really gonna miss you picking fightsAnd me, falling for a screaming that I’m rightAnd you, will hide away and find your piece of mind with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine...

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    2. dkindle613


      i would still fucks wit her. LOL

    3. n8ball2013


      if she lets me do the same things they are doing to her she can write whatever she wants about me. Ill even sing the hook.

    4. SlamminBeats
  10. Thanks for all the help guys! It put it down this morning and it made an amazing difference!! Next, I think I'm gonna do the hood kit! Ha ha.
  11. Did you spray just the metal or the metal and LLP to adhere them together??
  12. Did you spray just the metal or the metal and LLP to adhere them together??
  13. http://www.devium.com/products/dash/ Found this on KickStarter.com. Looks solid and quite sexy! Thoughts? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/devium/dash-the-smart-phone-car-stereo?ref=category
  14. I, also, get asked occasionally what's different about tattooing now versus 5-10-15 years ago. My answer is almost always the same, two things: the market is over saturated (too many artists) and no loyalty to artists anymore! People are so damn fickle! They'll drop you to go get tattooed by some POS "artist" just because they're $20 cheaper. Loyalty is dying daily and that's the saddest part of it all. Tattooing used to be all about loyalty and respect!!

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    2. pa-pa-platypus


      i always find it funny when someones tattoo looks like shit and they reply "but i only paid (insert value)" you are putting something on your body that isnt meant to come off... youre not buying milk

    3. MrSkippyJ


      I could never only pay so much for a tattoo. I don't want him only doing so good on it...

    4. WastedTalent


      Just like a family member of mine going to get a tattoo. Says it was by a "world renound artist". Since when can you get a world famous artist to do your tat ON THE SAME DAY YOU WALK IN? "Oh well he's really good" Really good and world renound is nowhere near the same. Still shakin my head at that 4 months later.

  15. Which adhesive do ya'll recommend? It was backordered for a while, but I got it today by surprise. So, I want to install it tomorrow. Any thing else from O' Reilly's, Advanced or AutoZone that would work in place of the Second Skin contact adhesive? Thanks for all the help, guys.
  16. Ladies and Gents, I go on in just a bit at The Arrow bar downtown. Come one, come all and hear the amazing songs other people wrote, that I'm gonna sing! Your ears will be slightly happy you did.

  17. On another note: if ya feel like going out and wanna hear me sing, I'll be singing in an open mic night at the Arrow Bar (Out and About) tonight at 8pm! Come out and watch me screw things up!

  18. Super sexy alert: I'm about to upgrade the ram on my laptop!! Oh yeah baby! I'm gonna insert that new ram so gently and then really speed it up! Make it feel amazing!

  19. Just to be clear, that status was not to scold anyone. I know it's not easy to talk to someone about loss. Our society doesn't deal well with tragedy and the subject of death is very taboo, most of the time. I was just asking that everyone be patient with me and understand that I might not always be the "same ol' Jason" I've been in the past.

    1. HatersGonnaHate


      Stay the "same ol' Jason" and keep this shit on Facebook. Drama Llama.

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