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  1. so i been catching so heat down low low y'all looking for someone to watch my back yo must have experience must be great at riding crotch rockets can't be foiled by fox holes bounty hunter experience preferred could come up top flight security of the world craig! that type any takers?
  2. the fact everytime i get a little money saved up so i have some breathing room... something breaks or have to spend a bunch on something i didn't expect shit gets aggravating after a while lol
  3. im pretty sure the bait he used to catch that marlin is bigger than the fish i caught lmao
  4. haha im pretty good at fishin.. been at since i was pretty much able to walk lol that was a little over an hour worth.. coulda got more didn't wanna clean anymore tho
  5. keep this in mind an electrical system is only as strong as the grounds... can have beyond strong electrical on paper shit grounds your voltage will drop like a rock
  6. electronics just sometimes fail.. it happens
  7. having a system back together and playing for the first time since october
  8. chances are they will deny your claim the first time.. be persistent, yell if needed, don't be polite if they try to dick you around.. be an asshole if needed they don't want to pay you... keep that in mind
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