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  1. I don't know if yall have a group but we are trying to just have a bunch of trucks in our area to chill with everyone. If your friend wants and isn't with anyone else, head over our way to park and we'll share the shade with you guys. We are gunna have some vodka soaked watermelon balls
  2. will you be showing? if so, you are more than welcome to park with me and my buddies. one truck is a 94 toyota on black/polished ADR 17's. Tuner lookin wheels. Then another is a 01-04 style frontier on flat black painted 17's. not sure what they are but its like a titans wheels or something like that. the truck is a champaigne color. we should be on the fence near the beach, friday morning
  3. i dont know the specifics of it but it's true. I guess the lever setups (bag on bar) maybe lowers the spring rate or something? We built mine bag on bar but it was a little more free spirited of a build being a stock floor frame.
  4. your not going to lay out with a "kit" if you can even come across one. your gunna need a 4 link, you dont just use what you have when you bag things. if you want to lay out fully i suggest you read....a lot. and look at a ton of pictures of your truck and the work done to it. If you want to just sit on the tires i guess you could do that...
  5. took psych 110 friday, western civ today (8am) and have anthropology and CSS tomorrow. 8 am and 130 pm. then im done.
  6. As I was reading it, I was hoping that I wouldn't be the first...
  7. gain all the way up makes it amazing? I agree the amps are bad ass, based on testimonials, but what does it show that it puts out a lot power at full gain for 3 minutes? A LOT of people run their stuff clipping the whole time they own the car.
  8. "The interior is emaculen as is the inside." really now?
  9. 34 is still a really low tuning (in general) . your going to move air. they are BTL 18's.... for batteries is it not cheaper to go with like 3 2400's than 6 600's? it may be cheaper as a group but not seperately...
  10. I know when my mom used to get them she just told them shes a teacher (with proof) and they would either drop it or reschedule to a better time for her. Try having her call the court or whoever issues the notices and see about having it rescheduled, not cancelled. They may be more willing.
  11. you should be fine man, i dont think it really matters if its not open. ive never heard about it?
  12. front row? ill be playing along side of you
  13. wow. im diggin that orange, i believe 93 style yota. super clean.
  14. what would you guys do for amps then? i want them to match but i know im not going to drop 700 on sundown. i just cant do that. whats another setup that has a quality 2kw monoblock and decent power 4 channel for a good price.
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