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  1. im selling my ap3k....just saying.
  2. and happy veterans day to all those who have served, currently serve, and will serve in the future!!!
  3. have to buy a new 4ch. DAMMIT!!!

  4. damn dude, she bringin the crazy 8 to hoops on the 30th?
  5. ya i might just fab up something i can mount the fuses to. then buy bulk for the ring terminals.
  6. damn man. havent heard from you in awhile haha.
  7. im going to need about 20-25 terminals, and 6 fuse holders.
  8. anyone have fuse holders i can snag? or maybe some 1/0 ring terminals?????
  9. thats my ass..and he was trying to figure out how to stop it. trust me, i asked him the same thing as soon as i saw the shit. haha
  10. i saw the pic of the subs on fb...had to jump over here and check out your progress. this thing is going to be nuts.
  11. im running two sundown Z v.2 15s off of one
  12. put a couple layers of damplifier pro on there. look at practically all of the build logs on here.
  13. looks real clean steve. should run a light coat of rustoleum tint on the tails...imho.
  14. Ya, I have an 05 hoe and I was just going to keep the stock muffler on to reduce the engine noise, just don't want that damn tail pipe stickin out the back. Thanks for all the feedback, shop down here says they will do it tomorrow for 20 bucks.
  15. Just wondering if anyone has had issues with fumes in the cab after they dumped their exhaust after the muffler. (suv)
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