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  1. i'm not dogging on you man hell i think at one point we all were in same place as you. like i said not trying to be a dick but if you want to stay cheap on it i'd say try new box i built mine for like 40 bucks screw glue and 4'x8' 3/4" mdf thats cheapest way i can think of you help you till you can afford 15's that would suit you better then buying some cheap ones now same i did with my 10's i want some 15's as well but i just made better box for them and they sound 100x better in custom box then pre made. again i wasn't trying to dog on you was just trying to help you out cuz i have type r's as well but smaller then yours so ya
  2. lol honestly look thru some the vids on here, there are alot of bandpass boxes builds and vids that are just SICK! if they are done right they are nice but like noob said most people inculeding me don't know how to build one right, thats why most people say go ported box cuz they are easy to make (for most) and get you pretty loud with little power and subs, add big power and big subs and ya done right you can out do most people in your hood with 2 12's in the right ported box on only their RMS
  3. ^^^^ agree, with Noob i've seen type r's get pretty loud for most people, if they are in the right box and what not they can get pretty loud... as far as your whole deal with wanting loud system for cheap. as i seen in most your post (not trying to sound like a dick) but do some research take your time on it and you will find out a ton how to make the set up you got now even louder then what it is now
  4. if your not clipping your singal then its fine but even under powered wit a clipped signal could blow your subs from what i understand
  5. thanks i was just wondering if it was just easier to do or you wanted to try something different, lookin damn good tho makes me wish i had the money to do my doors
  6. hey steve just a question, i watched your videos of doing the rings for the doors and was just wondering why you didn't router the tweets? sorry if it sounds stupid but haven't had a chance to play with a router with a jig on it so not sure if you can do holes that small only reason i'm asking. just trying to learn more on all this when i don't know something for sure i like to ask anyways looking damn good, can't wait to see you wrap the doors prolly teach me something there too lol
  7. Frozen t shirt contest???? ok am i the only guy that looked at that and wondered what girls entered it LOL looked like a fun time and alot of people showed up that dragon truck was pretty cool how he did the motor
  8. if i knew how they wire this up and what all goes into it i might be able to figure it out with some time but i'm not for sure how to tell if signal is clipping just by voltage, and for wave format i have no clue how the LED's would pick that up so i couldn't even begin to try and figure it out, in time maybe but just getting into this LED thing so
  9. don't need led to handle that much if you know how to wire them, this i know from making led marker lights and tail lights Solution 0: 1 x 1 array uses 1 LEDs exactly +40V R = 820 ohms The wizard says: In solution 0: •each 820 ohm resistor dissipates 2050 mW •the wizard thinks the power dissipated in your resistors is a concern •together, all resistors dissipate 2050 mW •together, the diodes dissipate 75 mW •total power dissipated by the array is 2125 mW •the array draws current of 50 mA from the source.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VU_meter not sure if this can tell clipping or not but i know they are pretty cool thing to star at lol my friend had some on his old house radio one for each channel that came built into his set up, really really old setup from like the 80's but speakers are still working and everything still working till this day and still hits damn good for a pair of old ass 18's hope you find your answer for sure tho cuz you got me wondering myself now lol
  11. if you do pick between those i'd say the r's and you can even do ported i got 2 10's r's ported in 2.6ft^3 box in my liberty and it does hit pretty good for 10's if you got the room for them go for it just make sure your giving them good clean power in the right box sealed or ported whitch ever you can end up doing and it will sound pretty nice
  12. understandble at that age but when he was alot younger didn't he do things that just made you smile even those you were pissed?
  13. OK guys lets hear some storys of your kids or friends or family kids of how they just do something cute, funny, off the wall, and just make you forget about the bad mood your in i got 9 month old little girl that cheers me up every day! she just started walking about month ago so that in it self is pretty damn funny, looks like a drunk walling around the house. but to add to that her fav thing to say now is adada yes just hows its spelled lol she adds a ah befor saying dada plays peek a boo and puts her hands up plams facing up to each said of her head like she going "what?" i know this is a sappy post but those with kids will understand these little things that just make you smile
  14. i love the hats, i always where some kind of hat and well lol i would love to get one since more of my hats are pretty dirty as of now (hard to wash a hat with out it getting f'd up) shirts are cool too i would like one with logo on the front or back tho makes it easier for people to see and once they see i'm sure they would ask about it atleast where i live since i say dc around here and no one even thinks about speakers or alts lol they think about shoes and crap
  15. not 100% sure on this issuse myself but idea i just got thinking of maybe its better cuz it sends a cleaner signal to the amp so the amp inturn send out a cleaner signal?
  16. you should be all set then i'm sure everyone would agree in the long run when you can get a custom box done it would be better but, the red one should do you fine till you can do a custom box if ever. but ya gl man hope it all turns out sounding how you dream of it sounding
  17. the12volt.com or rockford has one on their site how to wire them
  18. the extra .2 in pre fab would prolly help since most prefabs are tune kinda high as far as i seen around me anyways, i got my 2 10's with 1.3ft^3 each tune to 33hz and they hit pretty good on the low and still hit up to about 75hz decitely, boxes are kinda hard to tell cuz it depens on the subs, how much power your giving them, car/truck.suv they are in, and what music you mostly listen too. like my set up works nice for me since i listen to alot of rap, but if i put in some slipknot or some other metal they don't hit to well thats why you see alot building theyre own cuz its alot cheaper if you got the skills to do so and if you don't like how it sounds you can always build a new one more suited for your needs but if your listening to some rap and not knowing the tuning of the red box just by the cubes per sub i would say that would be the best perfab box for them subs and they should handle their rms just fine i wouldn't try to over power them to much in that box tho
  19. if both the subs are d1's then hooking both up to one amp you won't get final of 1 if you have 1 sub + 1amp then you can have final load at 1 ohm
  20. 1.7ft^3 per sub is what they say for the 12's so i would stick right around that and they should sound pretty nice the rest would depen what the box is tuned too
  21. the red one gets my vote has more cubes per sub even tho that red kinda looks ugly to me but i have type r's and they like to have their max req cubes in a ported box
  22. Rum and coke right now..... for me, rum from returned pop cans ftw! and your room lol thats nothing my girl that lives with me bitches at me daily for how ours looks lol
  23. lol i knew this was going to get asked and understand why but to ease everyones minds she just turned 20 its an adult ed school but they will still let you get high school depolma up to certain age so i made her go befor it was to late to get it as far as the payment for my jeep i got it long time ago when i was still working as full time mechanic on semi's and semi trailers so at that time was not in issuse and now its already half way paid off so really don't want to give it up when i made it this far you know but if i have to then well got to do what i got to do
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