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  1. are you trying to run IDE drive with SATA drive? i got my windows drive as IDE and my back up drive as SATA and some times i got to go into bios and set the ide as the master boot drive again might want to check that if its IDE with SATA drive
  2. depens on what program you use i use Plato DVD creator i can take any avi,wmv... and etc and turn it into a dvd format and burn the dvd with nero from that format and plato is free atleast the version i got is and it works great for what i do with it
  3. i'm not mad man i just didn't understand how it was off topic. i try to stay no topic with my post and i really try to keep up on steve's video and post since i love the work he does and gives me a ton of idea's so no worrys lets just let it go and well u should know more what he has since you met him in rl unless i'm mistake, i beleive it was you i seen in one of his videos befor but i am little buzzed so ya just going to drop it and let this post get back to tire/rim on the hoe
  4. haha way off topic hows this off topic we are still talking about steve's tire size, just comparing it to what we drive as far i i knew he had a drop or bag's to make the hoe lower then stock. and and far as bag and drop being different yes they are different but you must have missed what i was trying to say whitch was prolly my bad i was saying bag cuz i know his hoe is lower them stock but i also know he has bags on his civic and on chickens ride so was also thinking he had them on the hoe as well. sorry to both of you i was just trying to get more info on the topic of what tires he runs and if he has it bagged or dropped lower then stock hoe and again i know bags and drop are different bag will make it higher or lower or same as stock depens how its set up or have it anywhere inbetween and well drop is just what is say a drop. maybe we can be graced with steve's info on this? on what he really is running on the hoe? sorry if i offended anyone end of topic for me i guess
  5. you sure he don't have bags? or drop on the hoe? and cheroke is bigger then mine i have 03' KJ i need 6"JBA lift and 4.5 back spacing to fit 33's :/ but i still love it
  6. so his wheels over all are 33.2" around? damn i would need to lift my jeep 6" just to fit them lol and have max of 4.5" back spacing on my rims, didn't think tahoes sat so high and he drops his on bags to and they still fit, makes me almost want to get rid of my jeep, then i think if he goes in ditch he can't get out where i can
  7. my amp don't get warm is my R's that get warm, and my box is 1.3 for each sub 2.6 total with out port area tuned to 33hz, gain only at half on amp not clipping and subs get warm amp cuts off on hard bass note once they get warm thinking its so it doesn't fuck up the subs but ya i'm guessing i'm only putting 400-450watts to each sub so ya looking for more info how others have theirs set up so i can do mine better even tho i'll be upgrading soon now that i got job again but still plan on using these in gf's car
  8. watt's and what not your only other person i know of on here running same sub so watt's and box tuning and all the other jazz. i know my set up is max req box size and box tuning i just went with i felt would sound good and amp well is over rated but i heard some saying they were pushing alot more to same 10's with no problems. and mine ya like i said get warm and amp start to hit protect after about 1 song at full tilt. and i know i'm not clipping, on deck, amp or song playing and still does it so just wondering how others get these subs to handle more then what i'm pushing to mine with no problems. anyways lol kinda got buzz so just going to shut up befor i make myself look like a retard
  9. well in any case it sounds pretty good! i'll be waiting for the updated video first person i seen on here besides me posting about some type r 10's, looking foward to your update gives me some more info to work off of if you know what i mean
  10. oh a 10 nice how big is box and whats the watts putting to it i seen you said 2ohms just to lazy to look up the amp your using lol
  11. nice..... is that a 12 or 15 you runnin?, my 2, 10's start to get warmafter about 1 song at full tilt :/ then amp shuts off for a sec befor i blow them lol but its cool i just turn it down some. but nice set up be real nice once you get gain and all settings worked out
  12. looks nice on them 33's, and not to bad of a price for the lift etheir. good job man looks real good
  13. ya job market sucks right now thats why i got so hyped up about this its been over a year with out work now and was starting to get painfuly hard on the family
  14. well yesterday i got a call from my open V.P. at the shop i use to work at i had cut few trees down in his yard few weeks ago and we got to talking bout me still not finding work, well get call from him yesterday telling me to call this other shop and tell them he sent me, so called them faxed them my resume and stuff get call just little bit ago they want me to start next week and go in tomarrow so i can meet him befor i start. so ya looks like i'll final be back to work here soon unless something goes horribly wrong. my soon i can start working on my jeep again once i get my bills paid back up and was very cool of my old big boss to look out for me like that anyways just felt like i had to tell someone
  15. i'm big animal lover, got 5 cats and 3 dogs. all the cats were alley cats running around 2 of the dogs we in bad home and last dog i took from brother inlaw
  16. sorry to hear, hell few months ago my dog got parvo even tho he had all his shots and i about cried just knowing he could die from it he pulled thru thank god and i called up the other vet who gave him his parvo shots and gave it to them good. really tho its said when you got to put them down its very hard to do
  17. whiskey should help, or the sore throat spay i find help if you take it like mouth wash and hold it in your mouth for little bit, orajel has a severe pain formula now too i got that other day haven't had to use it yet but with my teeth i don't give it long, anyways how she finds something cuz i know how it feels i go thru it atleast once a week till i get insurance and get all my teeth pulled, you know its bad when you can hardly eat anything cuz it hurts to bite down but ya some pain meds, rise mouth with wiskey or something that will help numb it and hope you can get her in soon
  18. Don't mean to sound pushy or like an ass but is the list going to be updated with new members? i'd really like to sport smd on my sig and on my jeep but wouldn't feel right with out seeing my name on the list
  19. Jeep's FTW spare always on back door so got room inside and under it for batteries amps and all that good stuff really tho i thinks its kinda a give and take thing with most cars etheir you have a spare or have a big system not many in cars get to have both :/
  20. LOL the is sweet to bad the guy could get the back wheel fully in but still thes a sweet costum
  21. i don't got my subsonic filther on etheir so your not the only one but then again i seen alot of you videos and DAMN i don't even come close to you lol but ya as some have already said its all in the box design. me myself i got pretty lucky in this box as for my subs handle the power great they don't bottom out, they get little smeely some times but other then that they are doing great, as for this whole thing of FI or DC well i like dc's and would love to get a pair just don't got the money but as for what i seen with my own eyes thru videos and everything else FI's are good sub's too it all depens on the box cuz i'm sure if you put some DC's in a poorly built messed up box they are going to handle the rms power they are rated for very poorly as well then again you get someone like thor and hes pushing his DC 10's to the limit and they are taking every bit of it! just my 2cents
  22. First of looks really cool and would love to have one just well cuz its sweet second i'd hate if that thing were to slide and hit pot hole or crack and have it end up flipping or something in the end tho very cool and looks like alot of fun if your careful and smart about it
  23. if you want to learn how to do it i'd say first for to a shop that rents dj stuff and try it for little bit then think if you want to buy it most time if you go to a real club they have all the turn tables and that for you, now if your going to dj partys for friends or wedding and what not then ya you'll need your own or rent them but, but i would say learn the pc stuff first since that has alot to do with recording stuff and trust me not everyone is good at spinning on the table's like myself but get me at keyboard and pc and i do great, so befor you jump right into it i'd say rent some cheap stuff see how you like itand go from there as to what you want to do, but it is a great hobby how ever you go about it weather its full pc dj work of pc and turn tables/ keyboard
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