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  1. Nice build man. Love the clam shell and the door pods came out great. I want to do pods for my doors but im scared to mess it up
  2. pioneer 80prs installed in the honda

  3. i was hoping it was the remains of a hunting trip of some lazy ass person that didn't want to take care of it right. no even worse, its a pet. sorry just really bugs me dog fight in my eyes just makes it even worse. not only do you have someone that's willing to dump a pet like this but add on to it with the idea of them making this poor dog fight to the death is even more sicking. i know sick people out there i'm one of them if you ever touch my kids lol. but damn this is just messed up in so many ways. steve i really hope you can show us this person getting justice.
  4. well hopefully someone can find who did it and take legal actions (Hope there is some kinda law forbidding stuff like this) or just flat out rough him/her up some so maybe they will think twice about respect, some might say "oh its already dead" or "oh its in animal". to some people the animal is more than family, and honestly just morally wrong to who did this. just hope they find the person/s who did it and do something....
  5. k glad it wasn't human but was still bad, pretty messed up how some treat pets. poor dog.
  6. some old meat/trash is my guess human or otherwise, hopefully not human tho. anyways come steve what was in it?
  7. just got done making some aluminum buss bars for my xs d3400

  8. Did you even read the post? It clearly said release for Android is middle of n next month ugh my bad just getting up and around for work lol being lazy on my part and only really skimmed thru
  9. at least you got one, my alt never came with stickers.
  10. sounds like with those reading, giving you don't have an unforeseen ground issues. coax head unit, twisted amps
  11. wouldn't you? lol i'd be printing up everything i could think of first week i had it, prolly wear the poor thing out lol looking real nice, gives me few idea's but lots of your builds gives me ideas so
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