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  1. sorry, they are 12's. I was gonna do 2 or 4 10's but i decided at the last min. to do 12's instead. I LOVE's me the sound of some 12's, i cant lie. Sweet man the Lex is super clean can't wait to see what happens with it
  2. Wow I don't know what happened but Steve that's man of you to do. JP got it hard when Tommy did what he did to him. No person should shell out the kinda money he did and get work like that. Even though I still get crap to this day for having yours and his decals on my side window. Despite what happened with you and him both of you are awesome guys with me and that's what counts in my book. Keep on doing what your doing bro. BTW Trippi you still owe me that demo lol. Edit- On a side note I used to have a lot of respect for Tommy and the things I thought he did. But that vid I shot this year will be the last one ever for that guy. If it hadn't been for a friend of mine asking me to film it. I wouldn't have come within 20 feet of him. That install was by far the worst thing I have seen in some time. Looking at it in person was bad enough. How someone would put there name on it is straight unfathomable.
  3. Anyway I can just order the clean sound stickers as I already have both tools but those stickers are great
  4. Lmao those guys werent letting up just goes to show don't run your mouth if you can't back it up
  5. The 24 15's still dont make it to beat the 64 10's at least with my math. Audiotistics is still in the lead so far.
  6. Here ya go SMD homies. My first distance test. One set of RF punch comps on an alpine mrp f-300 just the front chans are hooked up.
  7. I posted something on FB yesterday about the top five highest cone area builds that I have been following in the states. So far the biggest in terms of cone area was Audiotistics of Apple Valley with 64 10's. I was wondering if anybody has topped that as of right now in the US.
  8. Watched it last night my buddy turned me on to them seem like a great bunch of guys and they do some great work.
  9. Very nice write up. Skeptic to believer in under 10 mins. A new world record lol. Oh and dont't tell Gary but his truck scares me lol.
  10. So I finally got to use the SMD CC-1 on a vehicle just a few days ago. As most of you know I love the DD-1 and how easy it is to use. The setup I retuned was a JBL CS330.1 which has a crossover that goes from 32-320hz with no marking in between. On a Kicker 10CVR104 in a sealed box. Run off a stock head unit. After I set the line out and gains up. I set to work with the CC-1. The instructions are very well written and thought out. Although the instruction booklet is almost unnecessary. I'll get to that in a min. So with the CC-1 wired up and the 100hz track selected as the crossover point I wanted. I proceeded to set the crossover. Now if you think using the DD-1 is fast to use to setup gains. The CC-1 setup for your crossovers is even faster. Its like comparing a Lexus ISF to a Lexus LFA. (ahhhh you see what I did there lol) In regards of setup time. Before I knew it I was done and the crossover was set. The CC-1 is also so easy to use. After you use it once you really only need the manual for the track list. Hence the previous statement. Unless you memorize that too lol. The crossover had been set at right about half before I did the retune and the gain was about 3/4 up off the lowest settings. After the retune crossover was at 1/3 of a turn off the lowest setting and so was the gain. The customer said it sounded so much better and was louder than before. In closing I must say that both tools have earned there merits with me. Both tools are stupid easy to use, do exactly what they claim to do and cost a fraction of what expensive scopes and meters do. I can only shutter to think of how some people tune amps anymore. Given they don't have a ton of expensive test equipment. Which most of us don't. But I'll be sure to tell you one thing. If it rolls out of my bay or garage and it has an amp in it. You can be rest assured that the amps were setup up with the DD-1 and the CC-1. Thanks again to Tony, Steve and Juan. You guys are life savers. Not only did you make my job easier you also made my customers cars along with my personal cars sound so much better. Keep up the great work guys. I'll post more as time goes on and I'm able to use them more. ACTION SHOT
  11. Someone is stalking me lol yeah but still its a good case and those tools wont see daily use but maybe only weekly use its cool they should last a good bit of course the DD-1 and CC-1 im sure will probably out last the case
  12. I am gonna make a vid showing just that when i put back in my 4 chan stay tuned.
  13. Got my CC-1 today and I unboxed and reboxed it lol. Watch the vid to understand.
  14. Cant wait to get mine it will be Tuesday But I wont get to play with it till the 11th cause i will be out of town oh well
  15. Thanks for the heads up guys your the best don't know that ill ever need that upgrade most of what I do is under 2k but good info to have D'Amore Engineering and SMD ftw.
  16. awesome glad you got most of those issues solved with a great product like this. DD-1 ftmfw
  17. DD-1 1 Stock Speakers 0 hope you get some new ones soon homie sucks that happened
  18. Don't know what you could do but 75 is the most I'd like to spend.
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