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  1. Just got a CS144 190 amp alt!

  2. I had to go with 67 year old bus fight. Only because i thought it was funny he couldnt say ambulance after he got his face punched in. But the radio breakup and JLAUDIOW7 were also really funny.
  3. they both work. I really don't understand what is going on with the green, black, yellow wire. They are all solder to the same thing inside. The copper wire (inside shielding for the rca) is the ground through the dvd deck to the frame ground The red wire is the center of the rca cable The orange wire is the 12V constant. Does anyone have any clue what the green, black, and yellow wires could be? Any info on these screens would be great!
  4. LOL! X2 (*Edit: dam, ppl beat me to it ..X4) I thinks thats what we were all thinking.. I was wondering who was gonna say it But WOW, is the only word for that. Insane!
  5. I wish i knew. It doest have a brand name or anything. I believe these are supposed to have a remote control too, which i dont have. I got them cheap in an auction. They are probably some Chinese crap from eBay, but whatever. I wonder if these have a switched 12V?
  6. I just guessed.. orange-power red-rca video copper-video rca shield/ground Just tested it and everything works. Any clue what the other wires would be for?
  7. There is a yellow, black, green, orange, and a red wire with another copper stranded wire wrapped around it. I found out that the red /copper strand one is the power (red) and ground (outside copper strand). The question is, does anyone know what the other colors are or where should i splice the video rca cable to? ..there are no speakers on the visors..
  8. Those 10" HCCA's are beast! I had one before my 2 15's. I had to recone it b/c it blew, but it was very simple. And that port is not too small. It looks good. I thought Orion rated the 10's at 1500 rms and 3000 max..? I'd made a smaller box if you plan to use 3K watts.
  9. stabbed myself with a buck knife trying to strip the coating on 1/0 wire....FUCK THAT!
  10. Well...I had an Idea, and I went for it ...but i had some q logic boxes awhile ago for 2 10's under the seat. They sucked. my stock speakers had more bass than those subs/boxes.
  11. Did you get these from bigCtreo? How much did you pick these up for? Im meeting bigC tomorrow to buy 2 of these exact batts
  12. lol. I love all you guys. When i write something, you guys try to correct it. Well, this is not my test in the internet so i just wrote it all out??
  13. what kind wire is that ? also in the back of dash it have 6 rca, 2 for front ,2 for rear, 2 for sub. should i do the wire round up with sub rca too? thank for helping bro Edit: What kind of wire is that ? Also in the back of dash it has 6 rca's, 2 for front ,2 for rear, and 2 for the sub. Should i do the wire round up with sub rca too? Thanks for helping bro. Answers: 1) Try like regular 14 awg copper speaker wire or whatever you have on hand. 2) If you would like to ground the sub rca so it has less interference, go ahead. 3) You may also try a ground loop isolator if you have engine whining noise coming from your speakers.
  14. piano black finishes are always cool. But that light box thing is sweet. is there any build log for that thing ? ^^
  15. awesome subs. ive owned a 10" hcca, 12" H2, and now i have 2 15.4 hcca's. orion fan for life (and dont use the recomended specs for a box they give you)
  16. what bracing are you going to have in a 2 cu ft box? I dont think that will be necessary.... Sub displacement isnt .5 cu ft btw
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