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  1. Just woke up....i guess i was supposed to go to work today...we will shoot for tomorrow instead GADDAMMN CHICKEN HILL

  2. Seeing fast 5 nothing but civics and Nissans in the parking lot

  3. might just buy the T400.4

  4. Gas to jump to $5/gallon by Memorial Day. Obama said to get used to it and "trade your car in for an energy efficient car." With unemployment above 10% in many states, can YOU afford a trade-in? Repost if you want Obama to get used to being a one-term President

  5. 3 day weekend. I need something to do after work. Who wants to hang out?

  6. Day 9, what an unbelievable feat.... I feel awesome

  7. So....I had to change my avatar...what a bummer...

  8. DAY 7 no cigs woooot woooot

  9. Is this An Audio Forum or Twitter?

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