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  1. You can download what you need from here... https://www.wccaraudio.com/downloads We also have preloaded USBs... https://www.wccaraudio.com/smd-test-tracks-pre-loaded-usb.html If you need good rechargeable batteries, we have those as well! https://www.wccaraudio.com/smd-products/smd-tools.html
  2. Everything should be fixed now! It's still being looked into, but believed to be a cache problem. Thanks!
  3. Did you use a different name on the forum to send Steve a private message? Because your current account comes up with nothing at all.
  4. I just checked and have seen exactly ONE email from you. The day after you made this post. We replied to you within exactly 27 minutes of you emailing us.
  5. Okay well either way. Instead of complaining. why not ask for help? I would've totally helped you get your pictures uploaded lol. This is your 3rd or 4th post complaining about the same thing.
  6. All i'm saying is....if you have problems with uploading/ need help. Let someone know. Instead of going around calling the forum shit. No need for that.
  7. Not a difficult task to upload a picture dude.
  8. It's that time of the year! Black Friday deals are now active for a limited time at WcCarAudio.com! The Official SMD Store! Also Available at: - Amazon - eBay If you've been searching for the BEST price on a SMD product, now is the time! We will be raising the prices on select items in 2020! Here are SOME of the deals going on right now!! Save 25% on SMD Electronics & 15% on SMD Accessories! Orders of $99 or more get FREE shipping in the U.S.
  9. We're currently going through all Member tiers. Bronze, Silver, & Gold. When we first started this forum, the tiers were not automated. Badges were given manually when the payment was received. This means if a customer cancelled their membership, we had to also manually take the badges off as well. After all the years, it got hard to keep track and long story short, some people stopped paying but still had their badge. We're now looking at who is actively paying for their membership and who is not. If you had a badge and it's now gone, it's most likely because you're no
  10. It was time for a change! As some of you can see, i've added new SMD group badges to the forum. These can be viewed underneath your username or profile! I've added a brand new badge called "Forum Veteran". If you've been apart of this forum for years and have been active, you're eligible for this badge. If you think you qualify, reply below and i will verify your account!
  11. Server upgrades on Feb 7th - Feb 10th. With possible downtime!

  12. https://www.wccaraudio.com/

    Has been re-designed! Check it out!

  13. Free shipping available @ WcCarAudio.com, Amazon.com, & eBay.com on all orders of $99 or more!

  14. How's the new chat everyone? Think we should keep it or put chatbox back up?

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    2. s5300


      Yeah, I think we should definitely keep the in-browser chatbox... I mean, both would be nice - but definitely don't get rid of the in-broswer. 

    3. Antheny916
    4. WalledSonic


      I dont mean to be a pest. Seems legit now.. Thanks a bunch man!

  15. Currently fixing ads everyone. Do not worry about any popups. Just cancel them for now. They will be gone here shortly.

  16. Who remembers http://smdmedia.net/ ? Well it's back up! Check it out!

    1. WalledSonic


      Doesnt seem like the user name and password from SMD Forum work there, huh?

  17. New rewards added to the SMD patreon page! www.patreon.com/meade916

  18. Lets try something new!

    Help support SMD Video's HERE

    If you already support SMD we thank you!

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    2. audiofanaticz


      Glad to see him finally do it, how did you get him to do it? 

    3. Antheny916


      Well let's just say we both manage the page for now lol

    4. audiofanaticz
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