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  1. I dont think you could really go wrong with any of those 3 they all look like great shotguns.
  2. Damn those 8s look hella decent for $120 a piece thats quite tempting...
  3. Wow those guys are so tuff takes two of them to beat up a guy in a suit. Fuckin punks. Kicking him in the head when hes already out too.
  4. ok that makes more sense then on the loading issue
  5. Ive been seeing quite a few people lately doing subs forward and port to the drivers side of the trunk and getting very good results.
  6. Butt connectors are nice for installing head units. Alot safer than using electrical tape on the connections.
  7. Shits nice man! I remember one of my friends brother had a Civic hatchback when we were in high school. He had two 12" Eclipse Ti subs on a phoenix gold amp and it was loud at the time. Bet those 4 15 Tis sound amazing.
  8. x2 add another 4" aero or get a 6" aero and run that Id do the single 6" aero its got a little more area than 2 4" aeros and I just like one single bigger aero when possible vs multiple smaller ones.
  9. Not too bad. I probably wouldnt have done those angled pieces on the 2x2 braces like that tho.
  10. My joints are usually pretty tight but I still use a small bead of caulk.
  11. Haha makes me miss messing with car subs in home stereos. Looks pretty healthy for a home sub rattles the hell outta that place.
  12. I liked my Level 4 m1 12" in 2 cubes more than when I had it in 1.8 cubes, this was on a dd m1a rated 1200rms @ 1ohm. Stock electrical just big 3 and an Optima up front in that car though. Id say try 2 cubes net per sub.
  13. Did you have to trim your fenders for those 35s those are pretty big tires.
  14. I think the bolt pattern is 5 x 4.5 IIRC and I have 4" backspacing on 8" wide wheels, gives it a little wider stance than stock but doesnt stick out horribly on the sides plus the big sidewall on my tires bulge out to the sides too. No rub. Not sure on what size diameter rims your going with and what backspacing to go with Ill leave that to others that know more about big wheels on the Jeeps. As far as tire size, my 31x10.5s went on a couple weeks before the lift and at stock suspension height the tires rubbed on the plastic wheel well lining, had to cut out little pieces of them so it wouldnt rub while making tight turns. I would say 31s will rub a little at stock height. Probably trim something like I did or get a 2" budget boost which is super cheap or something and you will be good to go. Probably could run bigger wheels that way too if thats what your looking for. I know yours is a Cherokee and mine is a Grand Cherokee but they are pretty similar. Maybe some of this will help. Im sure other will chime in.
  15. Shit looks wammin bro! Seeing you are only runninr 3 4" aeros makes me feel better about going with 2 6" aeros for my pair of 15s. I was almost thinking 2 6" wouldnt be enough. Looks good
  16. AQ 1200 is a good amp for that sub on a budget. AQ is pretty good amps. I had a DD m1a (rated 1200rms @ 1ohm) on my level 4 12 and it was wammin pretty good for a single 12 on that kind of power.
  17. aimsurplus has some good deals on some kinds of ammo but ya i will second this site! http://gun-deals.com/ammo it will give you best prices according to caliber
  18. Ya some really good fights on this card I thought. Mir destroyed Big Nogs arm! http://cagejunkies.com/2011/12/watch-mir-snap-minotauro-nogueiras-arm/ It didnt just pop out of socket the bone snapped clean in two! That link show the clip when it snaps and an xray of his arm after the fight. I think Machida did well against Jones. Jones is a beast thought it is going to take alot for someone to dethrone him. Also glad Lil Nog won. Kinda sad to say it but Tito is a has been in the sport IMO. I think he is going to fight his last fight in his contract and then retire. We will see though...
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