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  1. Always support local artists. Been listening to ren since high school. Psyph since his last cd. Will be downloading.
  2. Seems like you got some cool ass parents. Sure they are proud of your success. Happy Father's Day!
  3. I've been wanting to check that shop out. Type in sundown on CL here and that's the shop advertising.
  4. Looks like it moves some air. Still not even slightly interested in Kevin or his products.
  5. For the price pay someone to build you a optimal box for your subs. Enclosure plays such a huge role in how your system sounds.. Don't settle with a shitty prefab box.
  6. If your going for sq why go for a wall? To me sq would be spending all that time and effort your doing with the wall on your front stage.
  7. Shit, I could drop one off lol. What about this little monster.. 2 x 25 .. One ohm stable lol
  8. I placed an order Sunday night/Monday morning and it was on my porch at about noon today. Blows me away, I must be close Edit. Today is tuesday
  9. Probably will just 'clean' it up a bit lmao. Come back to read it any only the nut huggers are left. The few hundred watt difference is not audible. Bad taste to compare your amp to sundown like that.
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