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  1. i've got a 100.4 memphis for sale
  2. i've seen that same vid here on SMD a few years ago so that might be what you remember
  3. "TOP OF THA LINE WINE CARLOS ROSSI I DRINK IT ALL THA TIME"............LOL i know all about dat rhine homeboy i've had many adayz where i woke up burpin tastein nuttin but rossi in my gut from tha nite b4 i can kill a 4 liter bottle by myself as a matter of fact i did that shit jus last weekend and got toe up from tha flo up :drunk:
  4. Unmatched in flexibility the SQX Ultra High-Quality Subwoofer will play any type of music you have with the utmost clarity and intensity. With a Quad 1 Ohm voice coil configuration and a Massive range in frequencies, this woofer will excel in any high-end application. State of the art motor structure that incorporates a powerful 300 oz magnet. Hand wound, heat treated 3 inch voice coil, custom designed Kevlar/Glass Fiber cone. Two custom reinforced, woven double laminated spiders with woven tinsel leads. At 101 dB efficiency this woofer will play louder than most woofers with a 3000 watt RMS rating. Less Power - More SPL. This woofer is Massive in every way~ If their claim is true that is one badass sub !!!
  5. i haven't tried it on subs with the "boob" dust caps LOL but i have used it on beefy subs with flat dust caps in ported boxes playin lower notes with no prob and as far as excursion tha sub in the vid was movein bro but i wouldnt even think of trying it with a flat , or shallow coned sub i think anybody with common sense would mount the grill and see that it wasnt gonna work with thoes types of cones
  6. thats the exact same alarm as the skytec 'galaxy' alarms i sell at my shop
  7. thats not totally tru chode it all depends on the brand you buy the ones i sell have more than enuff room between the grill motor and cone and as you can see that sub has some good excursion and there was still more than enough room
  8. basshead


    tha last two were funny to me
  9. sometimes 4-4ohm dvc subs can be wired close to 1ohm from my exp when i series/parallel wire 4-4ohm dvc subs together they can read anywhere from a 1.4-1.8 ohm load now this may not be the case with all subs but i have seen it more than a few times the only thing i dont know is what ohm load your amplifier will sense im gonna do some research and try to find out tho
  10. from my exp if you have out of phase subs and you correct the prob you should see a MAJOR diff in output
  11. its a rare thing for me to check my system i usually dont do it until something goes wrong and thats not often however i take my batts out and individually charge each one about once a month so my electrical connections are pretty well kept up
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