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  1. can you take a pic of the 12" version next to a vvx 12" ? just to see a feel for it comparision
  2. 1. Product: Sundown SAX 125.2 2. Specs: 4 ohm 125 x 2 2 ohm 200 x 2 400 x 1 bridged 3. Description/Condition: good condition, used for like 6-7 months till i got a 100.4, just been sitting in my room since then 4. Price: : 180 shipped. 5. Pictures:
  3. The amp itself ? Something wrong right there, try new grounds. Open back case n check if u see burn spots on board. If u disconnect RCA's does it still do it ?
  4. i live 5 mins away from 110 n the 10... there are idiots out here... u should of known
  5. bnib 8s v2s on forsale section ! debating on selling the NS-1 , if any interested let me know, might do a thread for that later

  6. its all if u like it bro... i never liked them tho
  7. I thought they had some ? Well I need one !! So got paypal ready ! HMU
  8. Good seller, good communication ! Items came nice and packed !
  9. Great price, looks promising. Next time make a thread on each forum letting consumers know what you are creating . Most of us are not on your facebook . This will also create some hype, and people will start saving money for 'em. This is the first time I heard of this 8. You could have done a better advertising of it is what I'm sayin. Looks good tho !
  10. took this earlier today, than a coke, than water. now a monster about to go to work and get my work out in. wooop
  11. just curious, if you weren't afraid to wire it down to 1 ohm how would you do it ? LOL
  12. you could have share this with any existing company and sell them the patent if they where interested, now they can just steal it for free. lol
  13. Trade it before they change their mind.
  14. Rival Mobile Electronics a12.22 2rms each. 450 each brand new If ran on 3k on both can drop hella low ! Plus not your usual SMD Bandwagon brand .
  15. i have the cone area of 2 15s actually.. and bracing is key, though most likly will double the sub side. and can you make me a 30-33 hz box using the 2 6" ? you can cut the 20" length if need me... also the width is 26" and depth 36"
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