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  1. People that cut grass and throw it towards the road. It's f'n ignorant. I don't want grass stuck to the side of my car bc you want your house and the area around it to look like ass
  2. The answer is actually no if everything is ok on the vehicle...by that I mean the ground for the alternator/motor are good as well. If "the big 3" has been done its most likely good enough. I have done testing on this myself. As well as testing regarding multiple runs of positive. On the DDBEAST adding a second 1/0 positive run and even a 3rd run gave us not another .1dB nor did it alter voltage drop or amperage draw. The metro has a 300 amp alternator and the 1/0 ofc wire is only about 12ft in length. Now step to a suburban with an obviously longer run of wire you could see some voltage drop. Most 1/0 runs of true 1/0 ofc can handle up to 300 amps up to 20ft with no problems. I see people with a stock alternator or even a 200 amp alt running two, three and even four runs of 1/0 and sometimes ground as well...not realizing they just wasted a bunch of money. I know some of us prefer overkill. But TRUE 1/0 ofc is not cheap these days. Save that extra money and get a DD1. It will help you more than that extra 3 or 4 runs, or that run of negative. End rant.
  3. Sounds like a fun build. Wish you were closer. Keep me posted on progress sir. -Ric
  4. Box for two Sundown Zv.3 18". Yes that was sealed on the dash. The box was a "ported" design.
  5. And sorry for the double post. On cell. If a mod could delete the duplicate thank you.
  6. Hey Jerome. Yea a couple of guys did tell ya right. I don't sell or give out box designs. Like one guy said..." I don't build it unless I design it, and I don't design it unless I build it" he quoted me. Lol. Call it quality control. I have done work on an avalanche and gotten them pretty loud. One was 3 DD3510" Another build was two Sundown Zv.3 18". Both were in excess of 150dB with the two 18" setup being the louder of the two at 153.0dB on 2500 watts clamped at 34-38hz (same score). I can certainly do the build for you if you ate interested, but Pulse Car Audio itself is currently closed, and not sure if or when I may re-open it up. It was a tough choice to make, but necessary at this time. Thank you all for the kind words.
  7. ray you have remodel pics? I'd love to see store pix. I see plenty of builds in cars, but not many store pix
  8. I'm sure some of you have heard by now, but I did want to make it known here as well... PULSE CAR AUDIO IS MOVING!! Our customer base over the past 3 years has been more dominant from the DE area . With over 41% of our client base coming from DE and only 26% in MD (with a small percentage also coming from VA, PA, NY, NJ area) the move to DE makes sense. We have been searching for a great location that would give us room for expansion, more cars, more custom work, great location and room for shows WITH DEMOS... We have found that place. I will not say EXACTLY where the location is at the moment out of respect. There is another audio shops close in proximity to this location and I would like to sit down and have a conversation with that business owner about it before the location is released to the general public. .... STAY TUNED
  9. HEY! Yup... it's true... We are moving into Delaware. There are now FIVE audio shops in the Salisbury, MD area and even one of them sells DD right along with me... My customer base is 41% DE, and only 26% in MD... so the move makes sense. It's a better way for us to take care of our customers. This will also make for better competitions with DEMOS allowed. all I can say is...STAY TUNED!
  10. Meade the car looks great bro! I believe someone already said it but they are right... cutting the metal out in a brand new ISF... BALLS! It looks great hope it rocks ya in there man... Rock on brotha.
  11. I never got to the point that I stopped carrying DD... I had a long talk with Jassa (owner of DD) and we talked through a few things. edit: DC... well.. I have not had ONE person come through my door and ask for it. I had even posted up and advertised a FREE custom box to the first person that comes in and orders a DC sub and not one taker...
  12. Byron didn't want SPL. He didn't care if he did a 140dB... but he wanted it to play from 20Hz to 50Hz so he could play EVERYTHING.... this is what I came up with... will do power tests and meter later... but it can play from 20-50 without even a flutter, stink, smell... nothing. showing some flex first...
  13. Mark your calendar!!! Sunday May 27th at Pulse Car Audio... MAYhem 2012 Car Audio competiton.... with StreetSlam and SPL classes. ALL POWER RATINGS WILL BE BASED ON THE ACTUAL PEAK POWER OBTAINED BY CLAMPING THE OUTPUTS ON THE AMPLIFIERS! IF UNABLE TO CLAMP THESE WIRES THEN THE MANUFACTURER RATED POWER WILL BE USED! SPL classes 0-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000, 3001-5000, +5k SPL is meter placed on windshield in standardized SPL location with all windows and doors sealed up StreetSlam classes: 0-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000, 3001-5000, +5k Street Slam is MUSIC ONLY for 30 seconds. We use your 30 second music average for your score! Both front windows are down for this run and the meter is placed in the same location as the SPL run but with both front windows all the way down. AND.... to make it more interesting... there will be cash prizes for any class with 6 or more competitors. The winner in that class will get HALF the entry fees for that class!!! We will have raffles and a few other surprises as well! Thanks to our show sponsors: Sundown Audio, Digital Designs, XS Power, UPS Store of Salisbury, ExpressTech Computers of Salisbury BE THERE!!!
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