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  1. was wondering if anyone else plays this game looking for more people to play it with. for anyone who wondering what killing floor 2 is it's a first person shooting zombie game that's in early access on pc
  2. XS Power just expended they now have a warehouse in sparks Nevada and they do the same exact everything as they do in Knoxville Tennessee but with shorter shipping times when come to orders and sending in defective productshttp://4xspower.com/nv-operations-facility/?utm_source=XS+Power+Newsletter&utm_campaign=cf2acec0ea-XSP_News_2_20153_11_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d2db9e12ed-cf2acec0ea-414484905&ct=t(XSP_News_2_20153_11_2015)&mc_cid=cf2acec0ea&mc_eid=e8a4a136e3
  3. i was wondering if anyone has gotten nba2k15 i picked it up for ps4
  4. I would say it depends on if you care to have a console they has allot of entertainment features or just have a console that focuses on gaming is there any exclusives you want to really have what's the majority have of your friends have I like the ps4 because it installs game pretty fast if bought on disc the inerface is pretty good the ps4 controller is pretty comfortable only thing I don't like is the battery life on the controller is shorter then the ps3 controller I know the update there gonna have this year gonna allow you to share your game with a friend without them having the disc for half an hour and be able to upload game play to youtube xbox one I got to play it but I personally didn't like the controller but it does have a great battery life and allot of entertainment features but your not gonna make a mistake ether way it just all depends on your preferences
  5. so i was looking into getting the KontrolFreek - Classic since the thump stick on my ps4 controller is tearing already is it worth spending the $10 or do they not last long
  6. Yeah I saw that I wanna wait and see what people say plus I can't buy any games atm
  7. yeah i been wanting to play it i just couldn't justify paying $60 so i got it this weekend for $40
  8. update i have 2 ia 20.1 strapped at 0.8 ohms gains half way up dropping to 12.8 it idle
  9. i'm very interested in it but i rather wait till the price goes down little or buy it used i just don't wanna pay $60 for a campaign only game
  10. people who make everything a competition people who are assholes to you when your team lost
  11. my son uploaded it just fine, but i kept getting dinged for copyright when i tried So there it is! Why was xs power blurred? they do that because if they showed it was xs power they would considered that free advertising and they don't wanna show it unless xs power pays them to advertise them btw i end up watching it while eating dinner with my folks my step mom was asking me how he was making the windows flex at the dealership
  12. if you can fit a d3400 under the hood do that and another d3400 or d3100 in the rear and see what your voltage drop if it's below 12.3 i would upgrade your alt
  13. if it is that d3400 would kill it plus it's not a good idea to mix different types of battery i would just replace that battery with what ever the biggest xs you can fit and add a second battery and if you have a battery charger that compatible with agm that will charge at no higher then 14.4 i would just leave your car on the charger as long as it over charge the battery like xs power chargers will stop when the battery is fully charged and stay maintenance mode till you turn it off
  14. i would add another battery and just do a big three upgrade and see what your voltage drop is
  15. well the d6500 has more max amps ah cca rc weighs more but you need to double check the measurements to make sure one of those 2 will fit
  16. so according to the xs power site the d3400 is the replacement of your stock battery but i would double check the dimensions to make sure it will fit
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