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  1. Is there anyone else having a problem when coming on the site, where you have to repeatedly switch to full version.

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    2. Miguels


      It's your phone not the site. I switch to full site and stays there as long as I stay active

    3. Go-N-Def


      It seems as maybe something to do with my recent phone update . Before I was using the full version for 2 years

    4. RainStryke


      I almost always go to full version. If I use Dolphin HD's desktop mode I never have to worry about it switching back to mobile. But I like to use Chrome a lot, so I end up having to re-select full site a few times a day.

  2. I'm wondering if in the future we will be able to upload photos easier, like directly from the phone.

    1. strangeduck


      doesnt get much easier than linking to imagur or photobucket or whatevrr, unless you are on mobile. then i dont care, cause mobile everything sucks.

  3. Congratulations, lt seems like life keeps bashing you with a blessing stick.
  4. 12/14/15 It's snowing this morning in Salt Lake City. Thank you locals for the warning.
  5. looking forward to seeing what people are going to do with the new Fi Fiday 12". I didn't see any box recommendations, but for $129 anyone could fill a vehicle. they svc's tho.

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    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      They posted a 20% off everything code on their Facebook that is still active, just sayin.

    3. mcfalcon


      Yeah the contractors that just worked on the house didn't give 20% off. Taxes and Christmas don't either. :)

    4. Broke_Audio_Addict


      I know all about unwanted expenses......

  6. The person who created the ad doesn't have to know much about automobiles.
  7. Funky pups has the voice coil of a home phone.

    1. mcfalcon


      I heard their 10" subs had a 5.5" voice coil.

  8. Clip Magazine. Do they both serve the same purpose? Soft drink , soda pop
  9. I noticed something similar but, paid it no attention. Since I opened this post I see I have what I think are local ads offering home renovations and car sales above the SMD ads.
  10. Does anyone else see Sonic Electronics is having a July 4th sale or am I having phone issues?

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    2. Keith77


      Welcom to August/Sept

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Anyone ever notice their sales Aren't ever sales and just the normal price they always sell the stuff for?

    4. Go-N-Def


      My phone showed 86% off

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