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  1. I'm hoping they will be priced to actually sell a few. I could see $2.5-3k. That's about the average for the boutique-style class A amps out there. Hoping other models are introduced as well, because I could see a 4 channel selling more than the dual mono, but they both have their place. Actually, if Tony would do a 6 channel like this, I'll bet they would sell a lot. I'm willing to bet a 7 channel with at least 1kW sub channel would be a hot product on the market too. Awesome to see development like this regardless, we need less of Power Acoustik-style introductions (starting another thread,
  2. Bitchin'. I'm seeing that right, and the only knob it has is gain, correct? No crossovers or anything? If so, even better.
  3. In your opinion, do you think the benefits (the sonic benefits) of Class A in a vehicle outweigh the drawbacks (efficiency, heat, possibly no perceived sound difference because of ambient noise)? Not trying to be sarcastic, I'm curious.
  4. I'm breaking out the fine China today: And yes, that's a true import, bought in Okinawa.
  5. Won't need the coil for power handling purposes, cone would pretty much just be an aesthetic upgrade (some may notice a slight difference in sound, but that's debatable), but direct leads are probably worth getting depending on how you plan on wiring. I had a pair of 10" Level 3s on a DC 2k a couple years ago. They never protested, and got down pretty good. You'll be happy with the right enclosure.
  6. Then no reason for an isolator. An isolator is just a relay. Just one more thing to add resistance.
  7. ehhh what? Simply a suggestion here: ditch the MDF. Go with a more durable material for rings in a door. I'm sure as you know, MDF is very prone to moisture and rotting. HDPE sheets aren't too expensive, although for large thicknesses might be. PVC is an option too. They're almost the same.
  8. Did you really need to post your own thread after posting in the how-to? Just post the BB code in the reply box. Don't select the "image" button and then paste bb code there.
  9. Well, I don't know what's going on, but I can say it is not this site, it's something on my own computer. I experienced it on another forum a couple minutes ago. Thanks for lookin out anyway though. Did this, didn't seem to help.
  10. It just happened again. About 4 seconds. It was an ad for Rooms to Go, but the 3 ads up top all displayed "A Taste of Brazil".
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