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  1. February 2008 Started in NorCal now I'm in Virginia. Time flies when you're having fun. -Drew
  2. Thanks!Its a nice break from all the cutting boards I've been making. -Drew Those are awesome man.How big is the pig? Roughly 15x12 iirc made with malple, cherry, Walnut, purple heart and yellow heart woods. -Drew
  3. Thanks! Its a nice break from all the cutting boards I've been making. -Drew
  4. This is a Tillering stick I made for a buddy. It is made of maple, black palm, and bloodwood. Its purpose is for bowery(building your own bow) so that he can put tension on it and see where the bow is bending more/less so that he can remove the material to make it a symmetrical pull. -Drew
  5. It doesn't happen often, but today was that magical day that reminds me of California. Perfect temperature, and perfect conditions. We did 200mi of mostly back roads plus a ferry ride to wrap it up. -Drew
  6. SV650s are not much faster than quick cagers. Once I saw the dash, I wasn't surprised it fell behind. -Drew
  7. This is the bike how I had it- Exhaust cans are gutted and shortened 4-5" I'm about half way done building the new tail section. -Drew
  8. After browsing this thread for updates- I can safely say that I hate most of those stance nation photos. I understand the camber is hard to avoid on the front of the car when you bag and drop it but having all four tires exaggerated like that is just plain stupid. -Drew
  9. This was last week- Left to right 07 695 08 CBR 04 VFR 11 FZ8 -Drew
  10. Molly tried to hide in the suitcase! NO molly you can't go with! -Drew
  11. The clipping point varies depending on several things, one of them being frequency. The variance between these frequencies is usually small, which is why you tune at a good "middle ground" frequency. Things like woofer/amp heat, voltage, and rise can also change when you clip. -Drew
  12. It started with occasionally in game in COD in multiplayer (once about every other week or so) then all of a sudden wouldn't get into game on Multiplayer but would do everything fine leading up to that point Then it wouldn't start multiplayer AND single player modes. now I can't get through the game intro!!! FML At least the dashboard reads the game- the other box won't spin the disk... -Drew
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