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  1. Maaaaaaaan shit changes so much but some of it hasn't changed at all. I really underestimated how difficult this would be! I doubt it, I'm in Phoenix now though so maybe a trip into socal if anything
  2. I've been out of the game for several years now- I rebuilt my Neo wall in 2014 and about a year ago sold it to another military guy because family life has me pretty tied down. My brother lives near me now in PHX and does EDM style music and asked me to outfit his Diesel Golf. This is a pretty straight forward build all things considered, its mostly finished minus the raw wood box. I started with gear x2 DC lvl 3 12s x1 DC 2k x1 DC 90.4 x4 CDT 6.5 Components x1 Rockford Fosgate 360.3 for OEM integration Wires/Accessories from SHCA The first few steps involved getting the new battery and terminals in place, as well as door panels and wire work. The make or break for this car is trying to come up with decent sound while retaining the OEM source unit. On this car, the HU sends full range signal to all speakers and they each have a small passive xover element. The rear doors were pretty straight forward because I am not running an active setup so it was a simple speaker swap and test. The front doors however split off to the A pillars at some point so I ended up running dedicated wires to the 360 to keep everything crossed. The source unit is actually in the glove box, so I added the 360 with it for simplicity of wiring. I get real tired of the solder, wires, etc doing that kind of work. Once it was wrapped up I could go ham on some subwoofer action. Box is 3cuft 45sqin of port @34- at this point I wasn't sure if I wanted it up firing or rear firing. The rear deck covers the speakers while he is parked or driving which is nice. We've been tuning with the 360 for several days now and I think we have it dialed in pretty good! He is very happy and I forgot how therapeutic this whole process can be. first order to finish was 3 weeks, uncle cut the check haha Oh yeah, and after the first song or two the windshield broke at the rear view mount- I advised him not to reglue the mirror after he gets the windshield replaced this week. Thanks for looking! I really do miss this place sometimes.
  3. February 2008 Started in NorCal now I'm in Virginia. Time flies when you're having fun. -Drew
  4. This was my dose of daily smile. This thread came to mind when I got the news. After five years of rocking a 150+ daily driver this is the result of my hearing test. Basically, the lower the number the better. The important bit is in the lower left corner where it notes "no significant threshold shift" for both ears. Clean bill of health for another year! -Drew
  5. I'm a huge fan of this twin scroll turbo setup so far. The power comes on instantly and although it falls off pretty fast 1500rpm before redline it doesn't matter much for driving around town. It still drives like a mustang with all low and mid range punch and I'm afraid a massive traditional turbo will make it drive more like a turbo civic than a mustang. I'm pretty impressed that I can get around 15psi of boost stock. Considering that they build conservatively and for longevity at the factory it can probably take a lot more before running into serious issues. -Drew Browsing some forms it looks like there is no boost controller because the ecu manages everything. The highest I read about was 39psi.
  6. Sure thing. There's A LOT of room but I didn't look closely at the piping because I'm not familiar with turbo setups (yet)
  7. Shit I must have forgot them! thanks for pointing that out I'll have to head back to the dealer tomorrow so they can add them. -Drew
  8. Thanks!Its a nice break from all the cutting boards I've been making. -Drew Those are awesome man.How big is the pig? Roughly 15x12 iirc made with malple, cherry, Walnut, purple heart and yellow heart woods. -Drew
  9. Thanks! Its a nice break from all the cutting boards I've been making. -Drew
  10. This is a Tillering stick I made for a buddy. It is made of maple, black palm, and bloodwood. Its purpose is for bowery(building your own bow) so that he can put tension on it and see where the bow is bending more/less so that he can remove the material to make it a symmetrical pull. -Drew
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