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  1. ^ probably a night school of some sort.
  2. well haven't told anyone on here but. im losing my back seats to run 4 15s. also didn't say that singer has an alternator for me traded my sa 12s for 2 15 oa 15s v2s just need to get two more and mock up a box.
  3. fuckin magic. its probably the stock fliter. you got to drop the pan and get too it. and it had a cork type gasket.
  4. the transmission filter on my jeep
  5. I'm gonna try this
  6. putting in some flexx
  7. well my alternator is here

  9. just bought a tenny alt.. let the hate begin lol

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    2. SnowDrifter


      I thought he disappeared?

    3. imnew59585


      he did. but I bought a used one.

      the guy has been running it for more then 2 months and had zero issues

    4. n8ball2013


      oh well it worked for two months lets waste money on it! Dude come on you should know better.

  10. stinger turned out great for me. and AT 80mil is out for 2 month.
  11. well guys as the photos you can see I have deadening the jeep with stinger road kill dipped the jeep black. cooked the cadence and replaced them with some sa 12s. got metered hit a 141.7 at 41hz.
  12. well been busy but here is photos of the jeep so far!
  13. is it thicker then the 80mil? are there any cons on your end? I know 100mil is gonna be thicker but you might get fooled and they are the same thickness . ---- edit