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  1. can you add me to the list please? http://www.stevemead...__+monte +build http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/garage/vehicle/1063-chevy-monte-carlo/
  2. Steve can you go ahead and put me down for one, and let me know when you want the money?
  3. I called airlift for my 06 Monte and they just needed me to take some masurements to get me a kit.
  4. Magpul makes a great Iphone case $9.99/$16 and some change with shipping. Made in america. You can get them directly from the Magpul web site, and they match magazines they make!
  5. what, I thought it was my lucky day get another 15 for something I don't want! You never know, thought someone wanted that unit really bad. I've hated it since I got it.
  6. I got a Alpine 9886 sitting in my basement right now w/the additional auxilary rca cable. Still want to trade? Let me know and I'll go make sure everything still works on it.
  7. I'll try it again http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/91966-06-monte-build-with-15-dc-lvl-4xl-and-hifonics-amps/page__p__1263259#entry1263259
  8. I've got two kids and they don't act like that and they know not too!!
  9. Why if it drops under 13v? I haven't heard of an amp smoking at 13v... Refer to my quotes for some info from Boon on low voltage and amp damage. I read what you were talking about, that's some good stuff! Thank you for refering that!
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