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  1. im looking for PPG global silver and cant find it anywhere. does anyne know a place that wil sell me some PPG Global paint ?
  2. my computer has some stupid virus that has managed to piss me off today more then ever. so i am going to reformat it. but .. my computer doesnt have an xp disc. can i use my buddys xp disc with my product key ?
  3. i agree. unless of course that tattoo is supposed to look like a kindergardener drew it
  4. 2 12" audiobahns on a lanzar vibe226 in a box i built. i dont remember the specs on it. it was a long time ago.
  5. most chips will remove your governor. idk if they sell chips for your car though.
  6. 2 times. 1 cuz he said i had a tailight out, then i went back and they both worked perfect, so after he looked around my car with a flashlight for like 10 minutes he let me leave. 2nd time was cuz i "raced" through a stop sign. which was bs cuz it was at a stop sign where i always make sure to completely stop because there arealways cops around that corner. and again .. after searching my car he let me leave. profiling FTMFL
  7. the earliest date of those is 3/27/08. thats when this all started. i always keep em to know what ive been through, i still have the ones from when i was in 6th grade and i had to get surgery.what are you going in for ?
  8. pictures from the surgery a couple of weeks ago for my left kidney. ^ pictures really do the scars and cuts justice. they look like hell in person. ^ added another on to the collection. i have to go in tomorrow to get the last stent removed. but im not going to the hospital. im having this one removed in the office. which means ill be awake, fully aware and able to watch them stick the tools up my penis through my bladder up to my kidney to get the stent and pull it out. im very not looking foreward to it. but after 2 to 6 more days of pissing more blood and burning like you cant imagine in places you dont wanna imagine it .. i should be done with surgerys .. atleast for now. after like 4 months of pretty much bieng caged in my room, unable to walk around and unable to move without serious pain .. im looking foreward to getting back into the world instead of everyone having to chill in my room.
  9. depends. when your trimming you'll almost always go through the carbon fiber. top layer sanding you shouldnt ever touch the matting.
  10. ive had to router and sand the enged of everything ive made. its dust. even the huge pieces that come off the router have never affected my breathing in the least bit. unprotected arms will itch like a motherfucker for days but thats the worst of it. even a complete idiot wouldnt stand there mouth open with theire face at the level they ar sanding or trimming .. but then again it seems liike you've expierenced it .. so ... i guess that speaks for itself.
  11. i havnt been to a gas station in like 4 months. no gas prices for me
  12. you wont cough blood ..... ive made 2 sunroof delete panels and a spare tire well delete all out of carbon fiber and ive made plenty of other projects our of fiberglass. ive never worn a mask and ive never had anything wrong with my breathing whether i used power or hand sanding methods. to the OP you will sand your hand off and a nice carbon fiber product isnt nearly as easy as a nice fiberglass piece. i reccomend a couple test pieces.
  13. i would have filled the ebay and paypal claims a while ago ... maybe they would get the message. idol threats to contact ebay dont scare ebayers. if you actually initiate a claim that gets people motivated.
  14. booty is nice but there is a point when its discusting .. looks like she crossed that line years ago. i think i threw up a little in my mouth.
  15. i get profiled all the time and im white. i got pulled over a while ago cuz the cop said i had a taillight out .. which i knew wasnt true at all because i have sensors and lights inside my car that blink over my head if a light is out. then he walked around my car really slow with a flashlight while i stood behind it. then he told me i could go ... but he never mentioned my tailight after he looked around my interior. anyone who ever gets a "position of authority" goes on a powertrip .... like you big bad moderators
  16. maybe ill go to walmart today to get a crazy system. .. meade im coming for you !
  17. for real. i heard you can 150+ with sony door speakers. you show up at a db drag event and nobody sees it coming
  18. thats what i figured. maybe his system has magical powers tho .. a kid i know has two 12" kickers and claims he "breaks windows like i have surgerys" maybe if i buy both of their systems and put them in my car ill go over 250 db.
  19. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3871379 on two 12" eclipse subs sitting behind the rear seat of a vw gti. this guys retarded .. or am i not getting something ?
  20. office full of people, like 10 are guys and they stand around and watch for 2+ minutes ? i liked how none of them left either, they just gathered around and watched. like a middle school fight, but he this guy was fighting electronics
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