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  1. Google them. I don't think there's a website.
  2. You don't have to do a L shaped port unless you need too to get the right length
  3. Can some one explain the importance of " being in before lock" term? I see it being used often.
  4. Dawm! I remember as a child just leaving I think it was Kmart and bought there license to ill cassette and my mom says hey lets check it out! Being all nice an shit. Needless to say 10 seconds in to the first track she rolled down the window and chucked that shit out the window! I will never forget that! But for a 11 year old there was some explicit shit going on in that album so she wasent gonna let me have it because of that. Here I was sitting there looking at the empty tape case thinking what just happened? Lol brought back memories. But moms didn't know is I went and bought it again a few days latter. Rip mca
  5. Your gonna need a bill of sale to use them I beleve. But when I used them I got the old owners name and signed it my Dawm self. He knew about it tho so I wasn't just out there screwing over people. The title company isn't for things like that. But you can get the title if its clean bike with no leans. Just get your papers right.
  6. The way the title company works is as long as its not stolen or have leans they will send you back a registration and tags from Alabama then in a week or two later they send you a Alabama title in your name. The old title will be worthless then. But if it has a lean of is stolen or if the paper work isn't complete or wrong. They keep the money. So make Dawm sure before you send them the paper work and money that your ready and have things in order. I've used them before. I was skeptical at first. But Dawm if they didn't come through on it. When you get the title from them. You go to your DMV and transfer it to your state. Or you can keep it registered thru Alabama. Your choice. It sounds shady but its some type of legal loop hole they use. Make sure money is mot owed or that its not stolen first! If it is you loose the money you send them. Research first then call Broadway title company. I think there out if Birmingham.
  7. I can't remember the last time I had a spare. Lol realy I can't. But I drive a tank and have some thick ass rubber. I've never had a blow out. A few times a felt it wobbling an knew it was time tohit up the tire shop.
  8. There illegal in Louisiana or I would collect some for my bar.
  9. Broadway title company in Alabama can get you a title. As long as there is no leans or its not hot. It cost I think 300it bucks. But fill out there lapsed right cause when you send them back with the cash they will not refund your money if somthing is wrong. Or if its stolen or owed money on.
  10. I would have got it too. As long as it is not stolen and is a deal I will snag anything up. For the right price the title don't matter. Its worth a good bit in parts. And also you have to have papers on both bikes to do a legal motor swap. I tryed that before on some old school Honda's. Bikes are diffrent than cars. The most value is in the motors that's why they do that. Make a sand rail or buggybwith the motor. Or hold out and someone will wreck there's and want it for parts.
  11. I think as long as you carry insurance and have a license they won't take the bike. Just ticket you for registration
  12. good question. Sounds like a buddy deal of a friends cousins brother or uncles friend type deal lol.
  13. I would run that bitch outlaw style. No lie I would ride it till the motor came apart! Or if your scared you could make a very fast gocart lol. Ether i would be game for. But don't listen to me cause we crazy down in tha dirty!
  14. Super glue it and then wrap a roll or two of electrical tape over it. That will absorb most vibration.
  15. I fucking hate cancer! If cancer was an individual I would murder its ass. Its hard watching a child go thru somthing like this. And the treatment is almost as bad as the disease. Fucking terrible nightmare.
  16. yes you are right! And when it slows it makes your body store fat and burn muscles. Has the opposite Effect
  17. big dee


    O man I was drooling looking at this beast! Nice!!
  18. Nice work bro! I want more tattoos my self. But my work frowns on that shit. But I will get more anyway!
  19. Should be nice after you build it.
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