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  1. im not butthurt bro. I just made an example . You can get sun burnt on your neck in New York . I guess they red necks too. Lol
  2. That would be like me saying everyone that lives in the mountains are hillbillys.
  3. Shit man, that baby still has all her teeth. She could very well be Miss (insert southern state) for all we know. People that make jokes like this. We're not just a bunch of dumb rednecks and trailer trash down here. Those people can be found is every state. We have plenty of em here.. Came from the south. lol Seriousness should be left out of threads like this, butthurt too or caring about what others post. In all honesty though there are fatasses, dumbasses, idiots, racist, gays, whites,blacks, asians, mexicans, spanish, etc, etc people in every state.....but I'm sure the south has the largest concentration of overweight redneck white folk in it....at least theyre redneck..we just have white trash here. ok cause I'm from the south you think I'm a redneck? Define redneck for me
  4. Well of course it wouldnt when you dont have to pay for the amps your view point is interesting...because william spends more than some peoples yearly income on his car audio hobby.lols
  5. i don't give a fuck what a dude gets done he or she will never be a woman in my fucking book! Fuck that!!! ''Yet'' lol naw brother not never !! Fuck that again
  6. The fact that I probly look stupid as hell riding around town blasting massive bass waves like a teen age hoodlum with my old ass. Yes it pisses me off to get old lol. Old habits die hard tho
  7. Lil chain in the toilet at work keeps getting hung! Fuck that!
  8. How people are willing to talk so much smack on line but in person would have shit running down there legs like a little bitch. Fuck that
  9. so you don't believe in god right? If you do then what you say don't make sence . An also calling people retards is not cool at all to me. That's something you should t joke about . People who are realy mental challenged can't help the way they are. I have to teach my kids this same thing. So many throw that word around like its cool when it's realy not. FUCK THAT
  10. dam foo where you live? Lol I would move , but try getting tapped on the shoulder to only turn around and nothing there !! Fuck that!
  11. Long ass red lights and no cars even coming ! Fuck that
  12. Happy birthday smd!! I'm happy to be a part of the community !
  13. People that wear those big ass black frame glasses from the 80s with no fucking lenses . Wtf are they smoking? Talk about looking stupid
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