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  1. That's a cool video. It's the new Shok III amp and there is only protos floating around right now.
  2. Its a great alarm. I have the same model and have had zero problems with it. The remote start is a cool feature.
  3. Awesome seller!! I bought his DC 7.5k amp and it was in great shape (despite UPS trying to do their best to change that). He was easy to get a hold of and shipped the amp out super fast. I look forward to doing business with him again and would recommend him to any one that asks. Thanks Matt for a smooth transaction.
  4. Wow thats cool as hell. I hope that I am doing things like this when I am his age.
  5. me too lol You deserve the spotlight too. Your truck is a beast... congrats.
  6. I ran my lvl4's with lvl5 soft parts on a DC 5k and they took it all day long with no problems at all. Not to say that would be the case for you but it worked for me.
  7. I have always ran I-pod/I-phone but never had any type of problem like that. Hopefully its just the cord.
  8. Is it the same I-pod you have been using and if so I take it that its never done it before?
  9. link?? http://www.stevemead...__fromsearch__1 Thanks for the link. I didn't realize that it was this one. I have seen the build before. What kind of numbers/freq was it doing?
  10. What is in that blazer and is there a build log anywhere for it? What kind of numbers was it doing? It looks like it gets down.
  11. Kinda came way out of left field... You don't need to harrass someone for what they want to have in the end. for example, I want a 15" DC level 6 with an aluminum basket, fully acrylic/lexan/fiberglass box with LED changing lights, An xtx-5000 RE audio with 2/0AWG big 3 upgrade and a 300 amp alternator and 2 XS batteries in the trunk and a yellowtop for my main battery all as a trunk build in my 97 Riviera with XXX 6.5" midbass drivers. Gonna shit on me for that? That didn't come out of left field. I posted a non negative comment after others had given the guy a hard time and he came at me sideways. I usually don't post on stuff like this but I thought it was kinda of ironic that I felt bad for the guy for catching attitude for asking a simple question and when I replied with a straight forward answer he gave me attitude. Either way I am done with this and I could care less what you or your buddy want for a "dream" system. I wouldn't harrass you even if you said you wanted a couple sony xplod's I could care less. You can put your cape away captain cause your partner don't need to be saved.
  12. Your a dick... and to think I felt bad for you when these guys gave you shit!!! good luck with your 12 beater dumbass.
  13. Those are beefy mids. Your gonna need a lot of room for them they are also a 2 ohm mid bass driver.
  14. I meant that as a thanks to everyone at Second Skin and really wanted to thank you for telling me to wait.
  15. I placed my order last weekend and got the product today. Every time I have dealt with these guys has been a great experience and the product is second to none. The B-stock Damp Pro is a great deal. Thanks Jon for hooking me up and I will be back for more when I need it.
  16. Yeah I have seen how he drives this thing.. sideways around corners ahhaahaha so its probably a good thing to have it in sport mode all the time.
  17. Yeah that is a good way to build your credit. You can even get a credit card with and use it to pay for everyday things and just make the monthly bills on time. Just make sure you stay on top of it and your credit score will go up quick. Its easy to get a CC just make sure you look around and get the best interest rates that you can. Those will also go down as your credit goes up. co-signers will help you out a bunch and its the same as a CC as far as helping you improve your credit score as long as you make the payments on time. I
  18. How is your credit? Some times no credit could be like having bad credit?
  19. Those V2's are beasts! I love mine. I am about to put my 2 18"s on 7.5k. It should be fun. Did you do the 154 in your sig with this sub?
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