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  1. ^^^ lol say bye bye to the gas mileage, imagne the looks you would get in that thing.
  2. My first system was an old 15'' comp vr, and a sony xplod amp
  3. i wish i had my camera though, that would have been the perfect FAIL picture.
  4. lol i remember one time i was down there i saw a ford expedtion with chevy muffler tips,
  5. there is a guy on FSC forum using a product called "fitch" it spose to be like a catalytic converter for your gas by making the gas more pure. the guy using it gained about 1-2 miles per gallon
  6. lol the a - pillars by themselves are loud as fuk, this is going to be sick when its done the sound is so clean, i didnt hear no distortion
  7. oh thats sick man, i wish that happened a few back though lol, i needed that discount.
  8. well i did the complete recovery and it works now thanks for the help guys.
  9. this has been happening for a while but im just now worring about it because i just boght an ipod .i tried the system restore and still had the problem so i just undid the restore.
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