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  1. Yeah i was just gonna pick up a springfield saint but my buddy convinced me to build. and figured if i was gonna build i may as well do it right. Stretch is pretty cool they even called me after I ordered it and we talked for a good 10 mins. Really wanted one of the red ones but they said this melonited one will last 10k shots or more longer.
  2. Bout to do my first ar15 build. Also picked up my first handgun springfield xdm .45 Mostly odin works parts. Aero lower. Stretch precision barrel. and some magpul stuff.
  3. Well i figured out the problem. The neg cable inside the disconnect wasnt seated properly. So if you ever run into this problem check to make sure those pins are sitting correctly
  4. so ive tried the charger on a single batt (d3400) and a bank of 3 d3100s. Whenever I turn it on it just sits at the screen that shows .6v stby. No matter what ive done checking the wires nothing has worked so far. I used sky high 8g for the power wires. I have the controller, temp wire and power/ground all hooked up as far as i know correctly. And it just shows .6v stby noatter what
  5. How is this confusing? I originally mentioned that I got 4 alts with regular plugs on them (hence why i was asking which wires needed to be hooked up) Mechman mentioned that usually when they build alts for a multi alt setup they make 1 normal and make the others self exciting. I mentioned I didnt know that was an option and that I had ordered the alts through the SSA store and that the way i destribed was the way they showed up.
  6. Honestly I didnt know this was an option. I just ordered 4 alts through SSA and this is how they came lol.
  7. I wanted to try it out but sadly i only got a ps4. Could try it on pc but I dont usually have friends playing on pc so it gets boring fast. There were quite a few zombie survival games coming out and this looked like one of the more promising ones.
  8. I would just like to add that i called mechman this morning and nathan returned my call asap and helped me out greatly. Way simpler than i had it going in my head
  9. I emailed them through their page a few days ago, about a possible wiring harness. But heard nothing back.
  10. So I have a 04 tahoe and I will be installing 4 mechman elite 370's. Now the plugs that came with the alts I understand that one of the alts will plug into the stock plug. So for the other 3 alts is there a certain wire i need to hook up? Do I need to splice all the same colored wires together? The plugs currently have 4 wires (yellow, blue, red, black) with a pigtail blue wire to hook up to a ignition source. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Ok thanks that's what I figured. Was just hoping for the added bonus.
  12. The screen that's included. Can you have that on anytime you want (like a battery monitor type thing ) or is the screen only on while plugged in and charging. Tia
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