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  1. Yeah i was just gonna pick up a springfield saint but my buddy convinced me to build. and figured if i was gonna build i may as well do it right. Stretch is pretty cool they even called me after I ordered it and we talked for a good 10 mins. Really wanted one of the red ones but they said this melonited one will last 10k shots or more longer.
  2. Bout to do my first ar15 build. Also picked up my first handgun springfield xdm .45 Mostly odin works parts. Aero lower. Stretch precision barrel. and some magpul stuff.
  3. Are you on the northwestspl page on facebook. There are quite a few bassheads around you.
  4. They dont have the x2cs as that was the problem. (I wont go into all that here) But they are fine with everything else afaik. I do know jay is in thailand i think it was atm during the holidays but i was still able to get my order just fine
  5. With how up in the air b2 is right now, it would be a poor decision to spend your money with them until the dust settles.Ive talked with Jay a bit, but really who is right and who is wrong I have no idea. Besides Sundown would still be my number 1 pick. Meh, a woofer that has rigorous cooling channels and not the same pole chamfers they've used for the last 5 years will tend to cool better and have less of an issue with thermal power. B2 up in the air? Seems to be doing fine to m. Yes they had a setback with the shady shit pulled by the buildhouse but jay is still chugging along and working on new products.
  6. http://www.parts-express.com/acry-tech-duratex-black-1-gallon-roller-grade-speaker-cabinet-coating--260-101 This is what i used on mu newest box. It awesome stuff. Dried fairly quick. And doesnt get scratched up
  7. You can contact soundman and give dimensions to make a wood kit iirc
  8. Nice to see b2 in more builds. Nice build! I ran the xc's the last couple seasons and this season it was either go with the xm's or x2c's.....so I went with the x2c's. Can't wait to see how they do no wall in a tahoe.
  9. They'll just divert it from Oregon like they have in the past. Screw over our residents putting us in a drought. What I'm really worried about is the fact all winter it was clear skies and 60s when it's usually raining like crazy and in the 30s
  10. The problem with the edge is people have to build parts for it specifically in their apps. From what I was told if they don't then the edge is worthless. Also I wonder how that does in a case. Was looking at the s6 though
  11. Yeo is an awesome dude. Very helpful to everyone and will demo for days
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