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  1. A 5.3L is a 325.1 cu in motor. A Chevy 350 is a 5.7L, just sayin.
  2. Question 2: Why can't you use a Schumacher charger or something similar? I have always had good luck with mine, charging my 12v agm batteries. Maybe save on the charger, use the rest of the money towards another XS battery. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Schumacher-XC10-10-6-2-Amp-Battery-Charger/15140195
  3. Are you joking? A shop will most likely charge you for a half hour or round up to an hour of labor then charge you for some wire, and a few wire terminals. Try this Big 3 kit: http://audiotechnix.com/products/big-3-kits.html http://stores.ebay.com/AudioTechnixOnly/Big-3-Wiring-Upgrade-Kits-/_i.html?_fsub=5406427015&_sid=1030072985&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
  4. ya they are going to detail it again...but i just had it waxed last night and spent all morning cleaning the wheels inside and out (on the lift). So it should be extremely clean at the show Its in a covered trailor with a cover on it so i think it will be ok That's what I thought. Always have to make sure the cars look clean. Even if it was covered in dirt it would still look purdy.
  5. Sick man. So do they wax it and clean it indoors once it arrives in Vegas? It looked clean, just I know it can get dirty on the way there from finger prints, etc .
  6. This was the first AA SMD setup I've heard in a 6th order. By far the lowest and cleanest looking I've heard too.
  7. Excursion video of Jerry's splcompetitions 4 15" Ascendant Audio SMD subwoofers in a 6th order bandpass. This one is all shaky like my last video, hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for watching. He is using 2 Addictive Audio 500.1s @ 18 volts.
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