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  1. Update, trucks still the same system wise but after finally getting a house bought, dealing with a hurricane and etc I go the full blackout I wanted done to the truck.
  2. Been a minute since I have been on here, just been busy with life. Buying a house which I am closing on tomorrow, also replaced all the suspension on the truck and also got different wheels and tires. The system is still the same, doubtful that I will make IASCA finals this year but I will return probably next season and I have more tricks I have yet to try to get this baby over a 153 in my class. Here are some pics of the new wheels and tires I had put on yesterday after work.
  3. Well Spring Break Nationals 2017 is in the bag, and I broke my own record in the lanes.
  4. Finally got around to fixing my issue with burping the truck from outside the truck, the pioneer remote had issues going through the tint at times so I picked up something that would fix it. I grabbed a Stetsom SX2, which is a RF remote, it learns your headunit and then after installing it you can operate several functions outside the vehicle. I tested mine from inside my house approximately 25ft away and it still worked. In case anyone is wondering it cost around $60 online and is worth every penny. Here is a shot of the sensor for the remote which I installed in the overhead light area of my truck, I picked this location for a couple reasons. One I could install the entire base of the remote, two I could tap the power and ground required without having to run new wiring.
  5. I took 12+ years off from competing and since that nickname was mainly for competing I just never got the tag back. However since I am back competing I got the tag again, and it seems to have worked. I am now officially the 2016 IASCA Trunk/Truck 2 Champion, my final score was a 151.8. There were some issues for me on day one as the truck was kept in a super cold section of the convention center and i did not realize the complications it would cause. My saturday runs were not good, first run I broke out (first time ever this year) at 4175watts and a lower than normal score. Since stress and nerves are high I should have but didn't pulled out and warmed up and tested the truck. However I ran again going several clicks down from normal levels and put up a 151.3 for my day one score. Sunday morning I pulled the truck out of the convention center let it sit in the sun for an hour, then tested it for a solid 20 mins. During testing I was able to get it above my record however it was with SUPER close to cap wattage and rather than risk breaking out again I played it safe. Which is what you will see in the video below of my final run on sunday. Here I am just after getting the award as champion. My baby with her hardware from finals and the 3X that was held at the same time. The team and me with our loot from INAC 2016.
  6. Literally the day before I leave for INAC, this comes in. It's been over 12 years since I have had this, and it's good to have it back where it belongs.
  7. And the last and #3 entry for my step daughters car. Chuluota, FL. Good luck everyone, and THANK YOU steve for putting this on.
  8. Dunno how it compares but this is the wood I use. http://www.hardwoodinfo.com/articles/view/pro/24/315
  9. The sensor is plugged in I noticed after a week without it plugged in vs plugged in it made no difference.
  10. 7.2cuft after all displacement, it's not where I want it numbers wise however the subs are literally brand new. I can tell you power to SPL metering from my old notes, the 9515s ARE louder than my Zv3s at the same power, by .4db and that is with the DDs still very stiff and impedance rise double what the ZV3s do. So I am confident the DDs will perform however I need to do more testing than I have time for this year prior to INAC. So the ZV3s are going back in, but the 9515s are staying with me, just will have to do a lot of testing during the off season prior to SBN 2017.
  11. Refer to my diagram. No matter how you wire it it's going through the same combination of coils and magnets, inside the same box, with the same port, that is loading both woofers equally. I shall add to that a quote from Dan Wiggins (Adire Audio) regarding TS parameter changes from wiring of DVC subs: "Re, Le, and BL all change as you swap wiring modes. However, the changes are complementary, so the effective Qes (and thus Qts) of the driver stays the same. In short, don't sweat it - it changes, but the changes cancel each other out" The drivers specs do not change from different wiring. Same goes for 2 identical woofers wired together in the same box. Same goes for 2 DVC subs in the same box. Edit: also, would you say it mattered for a quad coil sub, which 2 coils get put in parallel? Care to enlighten me as to my results then? Only change done was from Series/Parallel to Parallel/Series and the impedance rise at the same frequency, same box, same ports, same volume and all settings was higher.
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