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  1. OK so I'm in the market for a double-din player. Now I am old school and set in my ways but, with becoming a father recently I have let go of some of that. I run Alpine in all my Chevy's. Since I went ahead and purchased a non-chevy based on statistics I am willing to purchase a stereo based on some of the key points: QUALITY FEATURES ACCESSIBILITY LONGEVITY & PRICE I've done some online searches for double-din reviews and couldn't really find anything. Also did a search in SMD for one so I figure make a thread and label it right and hopefully this can be useful to others besides myself in the market. Thanks.
  2. Think it's time for me to put this little system together. First, I need to finish cleaning my garage.


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      you need to quit posting here and get your ass to work


  3. One piece at a time when I can. If I can't I don't. I've spent enough money in this when I was single. Marriage and Kids come before my personal audio. However, I am still all about car audio so it is not like I don't get my fix from being in the community.
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    Autorama 2017

  5. Bill should not touch this car again. Because he would rip it all apart......
  6. Team Bassick - Kimo

    New dsp dropping this month

    I think the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) theory should apply to about 75% of car audio consumer's out there....... Now to stay on topic, Mosconi 6 to 8 has been an awesome piece that I know quiet of few people who are "SQ" competitors and just random consumers have used. From what I understand and hear the software is user friendly. I have not heard anything about the new Mosconi piece coming out. IMHO a DSP is more than just an "SQ" piece, especially with today's newer vehicles with integrated OEM HU's. A processor is a good piece to expand your OEM system. Honestly, most DSP's can be way more than most people can use.
  7. Team Bassick - Kimo

    subwoofer enclosures

    Figure out a day rate. Hourly will bleed you slowly. Out of my home I am at $500 a day. Most boxes are 1/2 day builds but, material, travel time and so on. Just my .02
  8. This is not a straight forward question. What are the factory components? Navigation, Bluetooth......
  9. Team Bassick - Kimo

    First SQL Build

    I semi agree with the purchase of a H.O. alternator for SQ. Really not needed. Big three and a good battery will be a better investment for an "SQ" system. Also, a power supply for tuning but, that's later. If you do not plan to run your vehicle off for long periods of time or pushing some crazy 10K amplifier then you should be good. I know my thought process of building a system varies from car to car. Is the new car a virgin? With a clean slate I would suggest figuring out your source unit. This alone can take you some time researching and reading the internet on reviews and talking to people. Single Din, Double Din, OEM or Tablet. There are a bunch of ways to go now a days. In the end it comes down to personal preference and features. Personally I am an Alpine fan. Speakers and Amplification go hand in hand. Unfortunately, not all shops have a sound room and even if they do it is not always the best way to judge a speaker. What sounds good on a wall does not always sound good in a car. The best way to listen to a speaker (IMHO) is in the vehicle. I would suggest to find some SQ shows and get some ears on. This may be a difficult task and will take you some time so be patient. It is worth the wait. However, the biggest improvement you can do is add a subwoofer. This would be 2nd or 3rd thing I would do while you get you gather your thoughts and equipment. Just a 100-500 watt amp, sub and pre fab box. Not sure if this was any help, good luck.
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    dBDRAG 2016 North American Finals

    Going to be fun......
  11. Team Bassick - Kimo

    2 speakers bridged in series

    If you have two 4ohm speakers in series (the way you have drawn) they would 8ohm. You would then have even less than 150 bridged maybe 75.
  12. 6 channel Rockford Fosgate $250 shipped to lower 48 state
  13. Team Bassick - Kimo

    Raceworz - 8/6/2016 - Sacramento Speedway

    Brandon was good seeing you bro. It sure has been a minute brotha. Next time I hope we can hang for a minute.
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    DSP INFO!!!

    LOL It was a decent p.o.s. a stepping stone really. LOL
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    Yeah casual listening not a lot of difference. I know for me going balanced in and optical cleaned up a shit load of noise in my car. Its funny bcause my GPS voice is RCA back and when the GPS comes on I am reminded how bad the car was when I got it. LOL
  16. Team Bassick - Kimo

    DSP INFO!!!

    OH MAN...... Running a DSP is not plug and play by any means. I remember my first DSP in one of our first builds. Thinking back now it had a lot of great features but, if I knew then what I knew now I would of not ran it or I would been able to do more with it now. There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to set it up but, nothing is straight forward. I would start of with a 80PRS and go from there. 31 bands of eq per channel and time alignment are great tools but, done wrong your system can sound like ASS...... I would also suggest getting with some SQ guys local to you and get some hands on advice on tuning if you do go with a DSP. All of which are mentioned so far are awesome. I personally have used a bit one, MS8, pxah701 and pxah800. I run a 701 in my truck and the 800 in my car.
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    When was your first show
  18. I know its been a minute since I posted.... LOL NORCAL SS caught my attention, I was like Shit I remember that name. LOL
  19. I know its been a minute since I posted.... LOL NORCAL SS caught my attention, I was like Shit I remember that name. LOL
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    Question when adding horns

    You need a horn demo?
  21. In conjunction with MEET & COMP @ NORCAL AUTOSTYLEZ 45450 INDUSTRIAL PL STE 6 FREMONT CA 94538 1X IASCA AND USACI 10:00 A.M. SQ 1:00 P.M. SPL $20 A CLASS
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  23. LOL GET IT!!!

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      yea, its his facebook posting to the site. His "LOL GET IT!!!" is referring to this video. LMAO