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  1. Hey guys I have also been eyeing the titan 8 for a direct swap for engine battery. looking to see if how your experience went so far?
  2. I know you know your set up, and your not a retard, but, ugh.... i dont like -15 either. At all. You need more board bro ,... -15 is way wicked. Get more board brother. i know what you mean, i just dont have any more space, or i go brasilian amps which im kinda ... waiting on subs to blow to recone to .5 or try some crossfire subs and wire to .5
  3. it set mine with -15... then again i do have 4x the rise...
  4. just like everyone said if your after numbers you do it... you probably wont notice that much of a difference you will just be adding stress to the sub
  5. Orderd a pair cant wait to get them
  6. if you need to ask.... hahaha jk... it should handle it just make sure you have good electrical and a volt meter is must have when wiring under 1 ohm. if you drop below 12 volt you need to beef your electrical
  7. Talked to a guy yesterday that said my havocs were ok, but if i wanted real bass i needed kicker L7's... and my crossfire 8k was junk and should get an arc audio 4k...

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    2. Skullz


      Perception is a difficult thing to overcome. I can't help but laugh inside when i hear sales people explain car audio. There is so much disinformation out there.

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      We live in a day where people that dont know must be living in a closet. Does this guy evem know what youtube is?

  8. illl take this to the pm's miguiel.... i dont what to clogged up your thread op... im in hayward so hit me up if you want me to check it out , ill be sure to take my harbor freight DM, fluke RMS DM, fluke clamp, amm-1.
  9. Miguel looks like you have never own a dc alt before have you? the ones ive had aren't controlled by the pcm. and neither is this one.. i did a quick google search on it check it out your self it also looks like the op has a multi-meter to test stuff...
  10. "Its a 2010 nissan altima, but i have a dc power h/o alternator 320 amp..i remembered when i had the yellow top inatalled i didnt charge it so could it be that if that battery is not at its full potential that its not allowing anything more than 13.2 volts, because thats what im at on idle"
  11. 510? are you in the bayarea? yea you probably have a loose connection somewhere or a bad alt... with your voltmeter ground your negative lead (battery, or frame of car, bare metal) and with your positive lead directly to your positive output stud in the alternator while the car is ruining and that will narrow down whats going on, then post results here.. guys i found his alt it has to charge at 14.4.. https://www.dcpowerinc.com/fit/Nissan~Altima~2010~2.5L-I4-QR25DE/11258-320-spx-i.html
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