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  1. diegoclass2010

    Any subs with a 5.25" mounting depth?

    try FI Alpha 12's and sundows sd3 12's. i believe they are really close to your specs needed, my buddy had both subs at one point, on 1000 watts and it would slam in a seald box single cab, i built the system for him, and the fi alphas got louder, but the sundows had smother bass, we liked the sundows better and took the abuse better than the fi alphas
  2. diegoclass2010

    6th Order Port Area Experiment

    good stuff man i always love your write ups! you had very similar results as i did lately with my 6th order. tuned in for more info
  3. diegoclass2010

    Three 8" subs vs two 10" subs

    just bought some sundown sd3 10's on the sundown yard sale for $65 a pop edith: HI Triticum Agricolam by the way
  4. sweet build... you have the worst with amps. dont sell it keep at it
  5. straight banging! i love this build! goes to show build is key
  6. diegoclass2010


    Im interested in the alt just dont know if it will work for 12 volts
  7. diegoclass2010

    Two box designs, Please help me decide!

    The jl box looks nice and well done. Is it ported or sealed?...
  8. diegoclass2010

    Around 10kw system

    i just read 10k lol... carry on..
  9. diegoclass2010

    Around 10kw system

    Not enough... I run two alternators 270 and 370.. one d3100in the front and two d7500's in the back with 6 zero gauge runs and still drop sometimes to 12.5volts full tilt... Curent amps, crossfire 8k and 2 600/4 Amps.
  10. diegoclass2010

    where can i buy custom made enclosures?

    Audiofanatiz or Triticum Audio | Facebook They are both here both great guys to deal with
  11. diegoclass2010


    Hello. Quick question when you mean external regulated on the alternators you mean you can't just plug and play? Sorry for the noob question.
  12. diegoclass2010

    154+Db Honda Civic Trunk setup. DB Drag

    Dammm good stuf bro.. following this... You always make everything look easy