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  1. 37ish % of California is on assistance. I'm sure it varies state to state, but i'll bet the average is pretty close to a 1/3 overall
  2. watched that a few days ago already. just checked my watch history, but it didnt display a date. There are guys who are into woodworking, then there guys like this one who go full retard and just build jigs
  3. I hear ya. Gotta support the brands that support the build. Was the only spot that could be seen without sticking out too much.
  4. It's shitty you can't trust your local basshead family. I had some shit come up missing out of my truck at show. Was enough for me to never bring any tools to help others and really killed the fun of me going to shows all together. Looking back on the timeframe, it all makes sense now. Old time competitor ( Mike Martin) told me at my very 1st comp some 15 years ago to never trust anyone In the sport. His words have rang true more times than I care to remember.
  5. When is the demo party at the shop? We can all stand around like Caltrans workers and watch the new guy do all the work I'll bring a shovel to lean against
  6. I'd suggest a quick little shake down weekend. You would be surprised at the shit you forget in the 1st couple trips out. Sucks to make a long haul out to a spot to spend the 1st half of the trip lookin for a target or a camping supply shop.
  7. Sounds like a group camping trip is in order. Ours is a little too heavy for the sand, but we are down for anywhere else. You know how mama and I like to party
  8. It's exactly why I quoted what I did. Part of my price was tracking down the exact same car, hire it out for a coupe hours so I could mock up the pillars.
  9. Like I told you on private message. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Not only did I quote you, answer a dozen emails and texts, but I also put you in touch with 3 different shops in your area that would provide you a great service. You didn't like any of our prices so you shopped it out to someone who didn't make you a priority. He has been in contact with you throughout the process, but isn't responding as fast as you would like. Well..... Good - Fast - Cheap Pick two.
  10. I might make the basshead meet. 99.9% chance you will find me inside at the bar
  11. It's really about the best prices your going to find. Keep in mind that this unit was designed and built from scratch, not ordered of some alibaba souring site. Small production runs are expensive to do. Trust me, if this unit was 5 bucks to make, Steve would reflect that in the price. No one is getting rich off these things. It's designed and built by people who love audio. It's a lifestyle not a hobby for most of us. I'll happily pay asking price so they can use what little profit they do make to go build other cool shit. I've kicked it on Steves couch, that fucker is lumpy, but it ain't because it's stuffed with hundos
  12. I could go on about the quality differences between the VM1 and the stinger you just bought. But you will just defend it till it dies, which by the way it will crap out on you. Or I could go on about how expensive it is to bring a new product to market. But you will just say it can't be that expensive. So, I will just say this instead. Either you can afford one, and will buy it, or not. So go on about your day. Thanks
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