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  1. so are you saying Mechman & Excessive have higher standards then DC Power? Just curious at to your opinion
  2. see that makes less sense because I got a different answer from [email protected] Mechman, in May 2011 Hi Jonathan, We build a 220a unit for that car that produces 135a @ 700rpm, full output @ 1800rpm. $549 + shipping. It features our heavy duty rectifier and diodes, improved cooling, precision balanced rotor, premium NTN bearings, and comes with our one-year warranty and lifetime product support. Our AVBM adjustable voltage boost module is also included for this unit. It will require some minor clearancing of your factory bracket to install. Please reply to this email to insure your quote. Thanks, Eric -----Original Message----- From: Jonathan [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 8:09 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Quote Quote for alt please car is a 2006 Honda civic LX sedan 1.8l
  3. Did you call mechman? They don't have the recent online and they just made a new 320amp for my scion tC. Dc I heard was a tad ahead in technology Yes i spoke with Mechman and EA as well as dc power before I purchased my EA back in November.... Dc provided no reason why they could make a 250 or 270 and said there would be no belt slip but everyone I've asked their opinion has sad there would be.... EA & Mechman said its Bc that's the biggest that can use/make to make it go in the stock location without heavy modification
  4. Yep it is a hydraulic tensioner I've had my EA 225a on since November and still on start up, stopped at lights etc with the ac blasting good I get squeal which I assume Means the belt is slipping
  5. It's not a question of which company is better... We are curious why dc power can make a 250 and 270 amp units for our cars 06-09 honda civic lx ex dx 1.8L 8th gen civic non si models.... BUT no other company can or does make bigger then a 225a, that's what makes me hesitant.. Mechman and Excessive amperage Both only make up to a 225a... I already have a 225a EA alt We were just trying to solve a debate
  6. torres box builder is idiot proof all you do is plug in measurements and it does all the calculations. i did it for u 14.5H X 38W X 23D port 4W X 13H X 30L .28 for sub displacement .08 for bracing .17 xtra baffle displacement after displacement comes to 3.20 @33.97hz that gives you 1.6 per sub, which is within the 1.5-2.0 cu ft recommended, that should be fine
  7. Are they illegal to have? thats kinda iffy or a gray area.... depends on the officer or who ever you encounter, as with any aftermarket lightening it can be considered a distraction to other drivers if its viewable outside the vehicle...youd have to check your state and local laws...for instance here ins SC anything red blue and/or flashing is iilegal anywhere onthe vehicle... its one of those things that common sense comes into play, chances are if your not speeding or doing something else stupid or jamming out full tilt around a cop you arent going to get pulled over or cited for it. I have never had any issues at all with them where they are at and have been since installed, most of the ones made are either red or blue, if its to bring do like someone else suggested and put some tint over it to dim it some, you could even use a relay and attach it to the dimmer switch for your dash lights, or even techforce makes these...http://techforcepcservices.com/shop/viewitem.php?productid=569
  8. I have 2 of the stinger ones and they have worked perfect for well over a year now... I have 2 blue ones because my speedometer and tachometer are blue...I've never had any issues with how bright they are at night and they are both in plain view, never been pulled over for them or questioned about them.
  9. I'll take your word for it...lol I cant find any info as far as how much they consume I'll shoot you an email because I want to make sure I go about everything proper Thanks Tony! EDIT EMAILED!
  10. i'll check and make sure on that there cheap dynex fans from Bestbuy... Thanks! plan on placing a order tomorrow!
  11. Awesome Tony! Just curious in trying to understand how the kit works.... but the black ground goes to ground, red positive to 12v+, the smaller blue w/red terminal would be turn on coming off the HU and then the other blue's would be turn on to amps, volt meter or small case fans???? this would work fine to turn on 5 amps, a volt meter and 6 80mm case fans and give the fans proper power to run full blast? then if I wanted I could use a spst rocker switch in line with the remote to which ever amp i want to tun on and off at any given time?
  12. 7/21 Spartanburg, SC http://www.mecacarau...s/7-21-12SC.jpg 7/22 Garner, NC http://www.facebook....43211399032548/ http://termpro.com/a...=12889&Method=1 7/28 Andrews, SC http://www.facebook....8632744/?ref=ts http://termpro.com/a...=12890&Method=1 7/29 North Charleston, SC http://www.facebook....96341520415286/ http://termpro.com/a...=12891&Method=1 8/25 Greenville, SC MECA SC STATE FINALS http://www.mecacarau...s/8-25-12SC.jpg
  13. Build Log is a few months outdated but youll see towards the end
  14. ^look in my build thread I'm using 2 6" aero ports in the center a sub in each side
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