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  1. Richard 41091 2 m2 lvl 3 10s with blue dust cap Separate quote for DC 2k
  2. New Pioneer DEH-80prs HU gonna be here monday! cant wait

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    2. Rich859


      Nice, I just ordered mine off sonic last night. will defintely be better than my piece of shit sony i got now lol

    3. bassface


      Dude there is nothing better in that price range, 2 words burr brown.

    4. Rich859


      the price is defintely worth all the features its has on it, I will say that, plus its a reliable and reputable brand! cant wait to see the difference it makes in my system

  3. None of you answered my qeustion. I dont care what you think would look good, its my truck and my money. Theres what it would look like. No more negative comments plz, I'm just looking for reputable brands
  4. I was wondering what brands are reliable and worth buying. Anyone know of any? They will be going on a 2004 Dodge ram 1500 quad cab
  5. so because he knows the combines engine hes a super redneck? no different than someone knowing the engine of a ferrari. Nice vid btw loudnlow
  6. Really ? Ill look into it. Thanks for the help . No problem. I'm not an expert but I help when I can
  7. Sonicelectronix comes with free wiring harness and dash mounting kit for your specific vehicle when you order a H/U through them.
  8. I just have them on the H/u power, I would look into an MB quart 4 chan. They sound pretty damn good just for the H/U power
  9. I got the clarions in my sig off sonic electronix, I like them http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_22121_Clarion-SRQ6932R.html
  10. Have any of you heard of the kodaik sidewinder retractable step for trucks/suvs? I'm trying to find a dealer that sells them so I can order some. Everywhere I found them online it says they are no longer avalible and when I go to their site and look for dealers, the dealers say they dont carry it or they dont respond.
  11. Damn thats some serious flex, nice vids man. Those things pound
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