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  1. I really need to talk with you about a Quad kit. Anybody have this guys number?

  2. Could you email me about a quad alt bracket for an 01 suburban 5.3l

    [email protected]

  3. Thats some flex! It's really looking loud, not safe to drive with that steering wheel movement lol, looking forward to a demo. I've got to say every time I see your vehicle in vids/pics I think how it's an extremely well rounded build.
  4. Whats up bro. Holler at me :) I was going to see if you were interested in some subs I am selling if my current deal falls thru this Friday..

  5. Get a 2way alarm, it'll come in handy more than you would think. Also there is a little piece inside the steering column that turns with the key. In 20 seconds you could break off the cover and start the truck with a screw driver if your alarm doesn't disengage the starter. Glad you got lucky.
  6. Maybe it would help for you to list a budget and people could offer some suggestions? There are other good batts out there especially if you aren't looking to break the bank.
  7. 1 run every 250-300 amps, so you would want at least 2. Do a run off each alt to the back. Also connect both alts output post with a short run of wire.
  8. ^but with 2 6.5s were they wired to what load? If they're 8ohm speakers, then even 4 ohms would be like 60rms per speaker. If they were svc 4 ohm speakers you're talking about 2 ohms at best, so 175 rms per speaker @ 60rms each? Edit- just clicked the link, reading > me
  9. Gotcha, yeah I have a rott/lab mix my wife wants to keep inside, but I kick his ass out during the day (fenced in yard). Anyway, those ports are nice, got an equipment list?
  10. Lol, you need to vacuum man! Regardless, I'm tuned for equipment
  11. Good luck, where's the salesmanship? Sounds like you're a Chevy guy to me
  12. And you have to add Tommy Mckinnie (King of Bass) aka Ho Problems to the people. IA made the king of bass sub for him lol Adassa Alphasonic Actually I just thought, why not go here: amp guts massive list
  13. Darvex wiring Q Power makes wire, speakers, and subs. Quantum Audio makes speakers, amps, and subs. Realm Audio makes speakers, amps, and subs. "Blues" car audio makes speakers/subs. Treo makes subs/amps T3 makes speakers as well as subs Excessive Amperage - alternators Motor City Reman - alternators Mean Green - alternators HO - alternators Power Bastards - alternators Rush Power Systems - alternators Powerbank- Batteries battcap - batteries SVR - Batteries Shuriken - Batteries Too many to list, but those are a few.
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