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  1. I really need to talk with you about a Quad kit. Anybody have this guys number?

  2. Could you email me about a quad alt bracket for an 01 suburban 5.3l

    [email protected]

  3. Thanks man, going to see if I can't get some shit playing today. 70 hour work weeks + 2 little sick kids is kicking my ass, but I want to start going to shows.
  4. That vid was on the news, they interviewed the girl who sang it- asking why she made such a crappy video Not joking thats what they were interviewing her about, and how she was handling the criticism. Please don't touch this song, let it die.
  5. Whats up bro. Holler at me :) I was going to see if you were interested in some subs I am selling if my current deal falls thru this Friday..

  6. Thanks guys. No man, I'm stealing the battery rack and 3400 idea lol. There are so many Tahoe builds it's really hard to do anything original, I just decided to build how I want it, regardless if it's been done before. All these left to hand sand and polish So I decided to at least hook up my existing 4 + 4 - runs of 1/0 and 4ch amp so I can get some music while I drive Once I get a few more blocks ready I'll hook up the 16k- with just 1 alt and battery though so pretty tame till the alts are in and the battery rack welded up.
  7. A bit more work done, but the files were corrupted and I lost most of the pics. Here's what remains: 1/4" plexi, vinyl wrapped the top test fit before wrapping completely From just the right angle you can see the aluminum fasteners for the plexi. Looking to clean up my fuse holders under the hood. It's just a thin mockup, but you get the idea.
  8. Thanks, I need some plexi and fuse holders and I should have this thing pretty wrapped up. Trying to figure out what I'm going to do to fit at least another 4 runs of 1/0 through the firewall.
  9. lol, yeah that would be a big problem. Fortunately I can connect the 'hot' wires to the small blocks and just drop a fuse in when I'm ready. Those little blocks are such a pain in the ass I don't think I've put up many pics of them, but it makes a lot more sense with it all laid out. It should look almost like 3 whole bars, though not quite on center just because the wiring is a tad cramped due to cutting off some of the original amp rack.
  10. Thanks, I got a bit of work done today but it may be a slow build. I wanted to finish up the busbar floor today so it can dry in the hopes I'll get the wiring done tomorrow Trying to figure out the dimensions I want the opening: And the hole cut in the top plate: Laying the bars out on the base: I was going to measure and mark the holes to drill with a ruler, but I forgot I had my special deep-hole marking pencil: False floor in place with busbars angled with the seats: A few more adjustments for wiring: And a few coats of paint on the floor:
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