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  1. Is this still available? I've seen alts listed to fit Chevy/GM before, but any idea how I could be sure this would fit my 2008 GMC Acadia?
  2. I searched for giveaways and business being promoted without being a partner to SMD but did not see much. Before posting much information about it, I want to know if I am allowed to notify people of a giveaway I am having for my busienss I recently opened. It is an online store that sells geek and gamer themed apparel. I am starting with shirts and will expand as I can and then plan to design my own branded apparel. I am having a giveaway and you can enter it without buying anything, I just want to spread the word. Can a mod please let me know if spreading the word about a free giveaway is okay on the forums? Thank you. If it is cool then I will edit this post to reflect the information necessary, if not, feel free to delete it. I am just trying to get the word out about my business and giveaway.
  3. For Sale: 275a Singer Alternator It was installed in a 2005 Dodge Stratus. Was in there for around a year with no problems. I had two Sundown X 12s on a Powerbass 3k. Never had any issues with voltage. Was originally $489, I would like to get $300 for it. I do not know if the warranty is transferable, but I know SInger honors his work, so I am sure that whoever buys it can just shoot him an email and find out. He did send me a list of what other vehicles the alternator can be installed on. The alternator is plug and play with these cars and engines only. It also comes with the belt that I bought for it. 2005 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe 2-Door 2.7L 2700CC 167Cu. In. V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT Coupe 2-Door 2.7L 2700CC 167Cu. In. V6 FLEX DOHC Naturally Aspirated 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT Coupe 2-Door 2.7L 2700CC 167Cu. In. V6 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT Sedan 4-Door 2.4L 2429CC 148Cu. In. l4 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirateted INTERCHANGE: SEBRING 2003-2005 Sdn SEBRING 2003-2005 Conv SEBRING 2001-2002 Sdn SEBRING 2001-2002 Conv SEBRING 2006 (Conv,Sdn) STRATUS 2001-2002 Sdn STRATUS 2003-2005 Sdn STRATUS 2006 (Sdn) Ive done quite a few deals on here off and on over the years, to my knowledge I have never had any issues with any transaction whether I was the buyer or the seller. As usual I prefer Paypal.
  4. The alt is for a 2005 dodge stratus. There's a few other cars it can fit, but I can't remember what they are.
  5. Mostly because the temp box I put them in was terrible for them. They fried while listening to Rittz. Both coils on one sub went completely black and then one on the other burned up as well. My entire system was roughly 3k and I made over 2k back, so I at least got most of my money back out it. I still have my singer alt to sell, so I still have a few hundred to make. Eventually I'll get a new car and do a nice system, but I don't want to do anything with a lot of money or work until I can have a car dedicated just for a system. I just recently tried starting a business so all of my is tied up in that right now. But I'm always going to be into bass. Eventually I plan to open a store locally for my business and one of the first things I thought about was a nice system for the store, lol.
  6. Here is the new design I went with, but never got the chance to build.
  7. I ended up blowing the subs by accident and selling them. Then I had spine surgery and had to sell all of my car audio stuff to afford to live until I started work again. I think I ended up changing the design for this 4th in the end. It was a design I had never seen done, so I wanted to get it built, but life doesn't always work out how its intended. As soon as I started buying stuff to do a small system in my car, my car broke down and has now been in the shop for 7weeks. I'll probably stay with factory speakers on h/u for a while now.
  8. try booting in safe mode first to see if you can even get to the desktop. Then you can try to get glary utilities to help with general computer issues, spybot to help with spyware/malware, and a free version of malwarebytes antimalware or a trial version. Then purchase good security software. I personally use eset smart security. I decided on that by having malware that infected my system, formatted my harddrive and then in that process deleted itself. However, I used GetDataBack to recover my deleted harddrive, and then used 12 different security programs to scan the harddrive. At the time Eset Nod 32 was what the program was called and it was the only program that actually identified the issue. I ave been a loyal customer of theirs ever since. Backing up and wiping your data should be a last resort. Granted with windows 7, it basically just copies all of your hdd into a folder during reinstall, unless you format the hdd first. Which if you do reinstall, you can always use a security program to scan the windows.old file system to see if it finds a virus or something. Glary Utilities and Spybot are both free and amazing programs. I personally use the paid version of glary utilities, but the free version does great as well for general people. You need to get and utilize both of those programs. Malwarebytes anti-malware is probably the best malware program available and it also searches for rootkits and like spybot has real time protection. If you buy a security suite, I suggest eset, its affordable and is one of the best all in one packages you can buy. I personally use all of these programs as well as a few others that such as an active defragger for my non-ssd harddrives as well as a program that actively just keeps general stuff under control like double folders, empty folders, things like that. Worse case, before a reinstall of the OS, I use something called the Ultimate Boot CD, it is an amazing tool for people that need to work on computers. It can even bypass passwords and give you root access on any system without the need to know coding and all that jazz. I used it to help a friend get her computer back after her ex stole everything and changed all the info and such. If I am not mistaken, I have given you similar information in another thread a few years back, LOL. I think I even emailed you some of the free security programs. I only remember because your only an hour or so away from me. I remember the Indiana guys easier.
  9. It would be best to use a proper tool to measure for clipping when setting the gain for your amp. This would either be a dd1 or an ohmeter. However some people use the multimeter/math equation way if its all they got. My headunit had 5v preouts and in order to reach maximum gain before clipping, I literally just barely turned the gain setting. My amp performed at the rated rms or close to it before impedance rise of course. It would help if you tell us what headunit you are using and its preout voltage and what tools you have if any to help you set the gain. It is frowned upon to use your ear to set the gain, just fair warning there. The amps rating is set so that it puts out that rating based on the impedance it is presented with, regardless of the gain setting.
  10. Northstar battery, 2 channel RCAs, 53ft 12g speaker wire on spool, stinger anl fuse and holder, knukoncepts 10g speaker wire are all sold. Sundown neo pro 8s are sold
  11. yea that stuff is terrible. I ordered a sample, of the supposed butyl based deadener they had and it was terrible. I had audio technix to compare it to as well as samples from second skin. The samples from second skin were 1/4 the size (total area) of the sample from those guys and it was still better. The asphalt based one is nothing more than rebranded peal n seal at best.
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