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  1. Once these are available, I am buying at least one to put in a Tline setup for a friend.
  2. Installed the NSB 110 and can finally run the powerbass 3k full tilt. It did not get louder, than where it was before, but it got cleaner, which I am cool with. Although the audio bug has already gotten me, I am planning on upgrading equipment before I even get the full install done, LOL.

    1. k3n12ock


      I know that feel bro, LOL.

    2. nCOMP1337


      LOL, yea, Im hoping taxes are good and after clearing some debt I have some left over to fund part of the new system. I plan on it being the last equipment bought for this car, so i plan to double my power and just make myself be happy with it. Future systems would just mean I need a different car to play with, LOL

  3. So I dont have to rely on people's help anymore with my build (i dont have the space or tools), I am in the process of buying the tools I need in order to do it all myself, pawn shops and online deals, here I come.

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    2. Soccerballzs


      Pawn shops at Christmas usually have a lot also. Check out local tool repair shops for repaired but never piced up deals.

    3. nCOMP1337


      thanks for the tip. I need to compile a list of what i need and start my search, christmas is a good excuse, LOL

    4. nCOMP1337


      i didnt think about tool repair shops. If there were anyone local, id a ust pay to get it done so what i want to be the finished product is done right, but that doesnt really exist much where i am, so as said before, its time to hit the secondhand stores, online and off. To start of I got a fluke, though there are plenty of other things i will need instead of that, i couldnt pass up the deal

  4. here it does, thats fter a year of working there, well actually once my year is in I will be making an extra 50 cents. plus every year we get a cost of living raise, and so far we have gotten that raise ever since walmart has been in business there (going on its 7th year i think) Base pay for my job is 16.50 per hour, but since i work on weekends, i get a 1.50 per hour raise, plus another 75 cent raise on top of that, so i started there making 18.75 per hour, and im about to hit my first year there and will be making over 21 per hour in about two weeks. though since i work only sat, sun, mon, and a long week for me is 27 hours, i actually bring home maybe 900-1000 every two weeks. by the end of the year i will have made about 26k, but thats pretty good for only part time, lol. My bro works full time through the week which is 4 10 hour days, and he makes about 40k per year, you take a pay cut to work on weekdays, but get more hours. another good thing is after 6 months, you can transfer to any facility, store, or sams club in america, and maybe even the world, since its all under the same company, so you can potentially move to another country or state and easily have a sweet job. all the trash talk you here about walmart is in regards to their stores, on the logistics side of things, we got it pretty sweet, i love the job, its hard work, but easy and time flies by pretty quick also, you only get raised for 3 years, but thats still a lot of money. you have to make rate of 95%, but anything over 100% and you get incentive for the time you were in the pick up to 30% incentive, so basically if your really good at the job and can run 130% you can make an extra 300 per paycheck for free. Every 3 months we have warehouse incentive, which basically means that as long s the company keeps a profit and we as a facility make our quota, we get a bonus every 3 months which equals out to roughly 350-500 dollars. we also get 6 paid holidays whether we work them or not, so thats pretty good too. example, i am getting paid for thanksgiving even though i didnt have to work it. when you get holiday payouts it goes off of your scheduled time, which equates to 11 hours, which ive never actually worked that long myself, my longest night was 10 hours i think. same goes for disability, it goes off of what your scheduled, so on disability you get paid 50% of your wage, but at 36 hours per week, which equates to roughly 400 or so before taxes, where i live in kokomo, IN, thats good amount of money, but sadly with my bills and such, im so poor, lol
  5. I dont believe I ever posted here, so why not. My name is Dustin. I am a single father of two boys aged 6 and 3. My oldest is named Kynto and my youngest is named Aizen. Kynto has autism, though he is high functioning. He however is at the bottom of the spectrum for many social skills, there are very few people he can be around without "freaking out" so to speak, so babysitting is hard to get, shopping, eating out, anything public related as a family, is difficult usually. So thats partly why I have almost no social life. But I wouldnt change anything, he is amazing as is my other son. I am 27, was married for over 5 years until I realized I was not happy and my ex basically ended up being the most selfish person I ever met. Her way of living was sitting in front of the computer all day, on facebook games and couponing and finding free or cheap stuff online. Her "area" would become littered with various dishes and such throughout the week, because she never left that spot. I worked full time, went to college full time, took care of my sick father, then came home, cooked and cleaned everyday. I considered her the person who made sure my kids didnt die and thats about all she ended up being good for. I lived in australia for 3 years, in adelaide, south australia. I was in japan for one month, in kyoto. I went to the a bomb museum wearing an american army t shirt, got tons of stares and didnt realize it for quite some time as to why. But its a time full of LoLs now. I have a bunch of health problems, which include; hypothyroidism, diabetes (type 2, genetic), vitamin B and D deficiency, high blood pressure, narcolepsy with cataplexy, calcium deficiency, terrible eye sight (i cant even see the large E on eye tests without glasses), Degenerative disc disease (i have had a disc removed and replaced with a bone cage in my neck and I am having lumbar spine surgery next year) A slew of problems run in my family, but the only genetic one I have is diabetes, everything else, I am the only person to have these health problems in my family. I work at walmart distribution, awesome job, easy, yet lots of physical labor and walking fast, I work only 3 days per week, yet I get full time benefits. I make 21 per hour, so thats why I can get by on only 25 hours or so per week, a long week for me is usually 27 hours. However, a lot of my friends think i have a bunch of money because of my hourly wage, but i only work part time, and I have so many bills going out and medical bills, that im actually negative every paycheck. I am hoping tax time solves a lot of that debt for me, s this will be my first year breaking 10,000 for the year and it is also my first year working an entire year. I like my job a lot, but with the slew of health problem (most of those I only found out within the last 6 months, thanks to my new insurance and about 10,000 in medical bills), you can imagine that my job is difficult for me at times, so many of my health problems directly effect energy, metabolism, how i utilize energy, muscle weakness and fatigue, how quickly my body dehydrates, how quickly i use energy, the ability for my body to properly utilize the nutrients I do give it and probably some other stuff I cant remember right now. The big one is the muscle weakness and fatigue, when this hits me, my entire body goes into a massive state of cramp, sort of like a calf cramp, but think entire body, and to top it off, my body feels like it is burning from thew inside out. And think of feeling that way and working for 9 hours a day, it sucks and I almost lost my job because of it. Thankfully I have my meds and health issues sorted now. With the amount I have said to simply introduce myself, you may notice that I like talking, a lot, and am an open book so to speak. That being said, here are some more fun facts. I have two personality disorders. Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (different from plain OCD but some similar problems). Now the typical likelihood of having one of these is like .01% when considering the worlds population, and I have two. I am not a straight narcissist as some believe, because most only know the textbook definition of it as someone loving only themselves, or having ambitions of power, or being linked commonly with sociopaths, LOL. Dexter from the tv series, was had the same or similar disorder as I do, same as House from the tv series, though house was more of the straight up asshole version, LOL. OCPD mostly affects me by a set of rules I set for myself to live my life by, this is my integrity, code of morals, I take it very serious, and it have serious issues when rule gets broken. This aspect is a bit harder for me to work on, because my integrity is the core values I live by and I have yet to really find a reason to change anything that would result in a better overall integrity for myself. There is little point to go much further into that as I could type a book about it, plus literally only a handful of people in my life has ever taken it seriously, because over the course of roughly 15 years, I learned how to appear "normal" to people, because the real me, is more or less not too human-ish, LOL. By that I mean I cannot feel emotion, which to me is the basic foundation of humanity, so I rarely consider myself human by basic definition. I only have stages of content or not content, that is literally the only way i can describe emotion, I am either fine or not, I cant really tell which. I have in small special circumstances been able to feel emotion, but the criteria to meet that is very long, thats also part of my rules. Due to the above, I dont really care about anything in life that doesnt directly impact me somehow, most people would probably consider me an asshole if they didnt get to know me, yet knew what I really thought about most things. In my life, there are less than 5 people that exist that have any impact in which their death would matter to me. Yet again a seemingly asshole statement to many people, but its not something I control, I cant decide who inevitably matters to me. Respect is very important to me, make me feel disrespected and I will go berserk. This has only really happened once, and my mom swore i was going to kill my sister (no worries, I am not a violent person, I only yelled, LOL) and my brother and ex freaked out, my brother swore I was going to go super saiyan, thats what he considers my jump to becoming angry, though I never get angry, hes waiting for it to happen I think. I live completely by logic and reason. Hence, probably my favorite quote is, "Common sense is the love child of logic and reason". I have never actually read or heard anyone say it, it is just something i have said for many years. I am not religious, I have no belief system, whether a god exists or not, how the universe came to be, the meaning of life, none of those "existential" questions, matter to me. Knowing those answers serve no purpose for me and wouldnt change anything in my life even if I knew them. Though I enjoy asking questions bout religion, I dont care to learn about it, but I like hearing the explanations other give me for their belief in it. I consider religion as being created to simply answer questions that otherwise had no answers. Sort of like theories in science, yet in religion people have faith in it and believe it is real. Dont get me wrong, I respect all religions and their people, but I see no point in living my life based off a book that is interpreted differently by everyone including its original interpreter, than we have the current version interpreted by a king, of which we know that no king has ever done anything not in his own favor somehow and then the fact that it is the solid word of god, of which i dont think it should be able to be interpreted any way other than its original intention. Yet people throw around the interpretation word a ton when it comes to the bible. I just dont see how its gods word, when millions of people all interpret it different. Not to get into a religious talk though. Id rather live my life based on my integrity, then live my life based off the word of god interpreted by multiple people to get to its current incarnation and gain continuously interpreted differently. If I die, and god is real and i go to hell, then I can live with that, because i lived a good life based on my integrity. But if i live a good life based on religion and die and find out god is not real, then i would be pissed, because i would think so much was a lie and was done for nothing. How much drama has gone down in the world in the name of religion and how shitty would everyone feel if when they die it wasnt even real. Sorry i think i have less to lose not believing than someone has believing. Ill take eternity in hell if thats the end result, but its still better to me than living my life based on what my religion says i should. That was all good and fun. Back to less life heavy situations. I enjoy family, friends, car audio, disc golf, graphic design and well most things intellectually aligned. I consider myself a foolish genius because I have a high IQ, but have little interest to actually do anything with it. Thank you personality disorders, LOL. My personal catch phrase I guess you could call it is "no worries" of which I take literally, I dont worry about anything. Also I am a ginger and a pretty big dude, though I never consider myself very big until i actually see myself next to others. Im 6ft 5 and 220 pounds. Apparently its tall to most people, I dont normally feel tall. I met BigPimpin at slamology and the first thing he said was, "you are a lot bigger than i thought you would be". Then preceded to give me a demo, LOL. well thats lots of fun, I have been here for many years, not been very active for a couple and i dont actually know anyone at all on this forum, and dont expect people to read this massive ramble, I just type too much, but all in good fun, LOL. If you did read it all, kudos, you are a scholar and a gentlemen.
  6. i was going to suggest ctek as well. my friend recently let me borrow his and it works great.he got it for 100 from ebay
  7. based on the program you use to make the design, best thing to do is keep the original file format and if need be due to the software the tshirt printer may use, also save it in multiple formats at high res, even if you save it as a jpeg, keep it at maximum resolution if possible. Especially when using raster images (blurred lines or areas of the images that fade out to transparency) as raster images can be harder to reproduce in print if not given good enough quality. Perosnally, I prefer vector art myself. if i make a design for anyone in photoshop, i save it as a psd, pdf, tiff, and jpeg for them, and if I make anything in illustrator, i save it as an ai, svg, eps, pdf, or jpeg for them. This way the jpeg can quickly be used to reference the image or ask for proofs, and the other formats based on what the end user will be using for the design, can easily be accessed. After all every computer in the world can open pdfs. You cant go wrong there.
  8. I would like to encourage people to remember to not use anything that is copyrighted, stick to images you have created on your own, not something you took and maybe even retraced or image traced in illustrator. Last time I entered a contest like this, the guy that won, actually stole the image from someone else and just through the company name on it. Though I do not know if that company ever actually made any shirts. I encourage originality or sticking to DC's own images. Id like to enter if time permits
  9. reminds of bassbox pro mixed with sketch up. I use torres coupled with google sketch up myself. Its nice having everything in one program, but for those that cant afford it, the previously mentioned programs do suffice. But the program does look great.
  10. Orions are made sort of weird unless its just me, i have a 15.4 hcca, i thought it was weird that according to the manual they suggest a sealed enclosure to be larger then the ported one. now every other sub ive seen its always been the other way around, ported enclosure requires more space. unless its a large typo the company never fixed, any idea why this particular sub is like that. also here is the 2012 specs according to the orion manual, they are different the the ones the other guy posted and again it shows the sub requiring more space for a sealed than a ported enclosure
  11. depending on model hifonics isnt a great company to go with for amps either, some are good for budgets and quality, but a lot of them i dont believe are worth bothering with either
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