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  1. Once these are available, I am buying at least one to put in a Tline setup for a friend.
  2. Installed the NSB 110 and can finally run the powerbass 3k full tilt. It did not get louder, than where it was before, but it got cleaner, which I am cool with. Although the audio bug has already gotten me, I am planning on upgrading equipment before I even get the full install done, LOL.

    1. k3n12ock


      I know that feel bro, LOL.

    2. nCOMP1337


      LOL, yea, Im hoping taxes are good and after clearing some debt I have some left over to fund part of the new system. I plan on it being the last equipment bought for this car, so i plan to double my power and just make myself be happy with it. Future systems would just mean I need a different car to play with, LOL

  3. New battery, bought it used, but sitting at 12.98 and going to install soon. Will probably get another one when I find a good deal
  4. for math, its more of the brain processes that are created in doing math than actually having useful info for everyday life. plus they love wasting our time with classes we really dont need. Just pissed me off today, dont expect you to read, but the length of the post could give you an idea, LOL http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/179875-anyone-ever-abuse-your-help/ gally, tons around here (USA particularly Indiana for my personal experience) have no idea what fi car audio is, it truly is sad, LOL
  5. Got the parts in for the boys' custom built pc for christmas, still waiting on the keyboard/mouse, and i have had the chance to go to walmart and get their tv yet i dont like how cheap the tower feels, but they dont need anything heavy duty, im just so used to my tower, I have a level 10 gaming tower, it cost about half as much as their entire computer, LOL
  6. Just got the motherboard for the computer I will be building for my boys for christmas. Packing was terrible, box was slightly smashed enough that the metal I/O template cut into the box lid. Parts of the box are torn, sticker where the serial number is, is torn. The mobo was bought, "new" from amazon from one of their third party sellers. I usually buy from tiger direct or new egg, and ive never had an issue, but it was out of stock there, and this is the board i needed for the parts i chose and budget I chose and i think this is ridiculous. Motherboards are fragile and this one has not been handled well. also just got some sky high 14 gauge remote wire, was going to use it for my audio technix volt meter, but now I think I am going to sell that one and I want to save up and get a smd vm1. EDIT: well the company has shitty a handling/packaging, but it literally took the time for me to make this post for them to reply back to me, they sent me prepaid postage to send it back and gave me an advanced refund. Good customer service so far. Though it would be better to not have needed it, LOL.
  7. So I dont have to rely on people's help anymore with my build (i dont have the space or tools), I am in the process of buying the tools I need in order to do it all myself, pawn shops and online deals, here I come.

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    2. Soccerballzs


      Pawn shops at Christmas usually have a lot also. Check out local tool repair shops for repaired but never piced up deals.

    3. nCOMP1337


      thanks for the tip. I need to compile a list of what i need and start my search, christmas is a good excuse, LOL

    4. nCOMP1337


      i didnt think about tool repair shops. If there were anyone local, id a ust pay to get it done so what i want to be the finished product is done right, but that doesnt really exist much where i am, so as said before, its time to hit the secondhand stores, online and off. To start of I got a fluke, though there are plenty of other things i will need instead of that, i couldnt pass up the deal

  8. speaking of kitchen...LOL that moment you make an on-cor family meal and you get the plastic cover off in one piece, yes that happened just now
  9. that was the reason your city was dying lol LOL, it was bad for a while, but its actually gotten better over the last year or so and a new plant is going to start soon in tipton about 30 min down the road. The pay is good, a bit more than I make at walmart distribution, but they have to work a lot more hours than me to get the pay, LOL.
  10. yea detroit has baby momma problems i think, j/k the city is in some severe bankruptcy, see all kinds of ads for houses starting at 1 dollar. Apparently important chrysler 200s from detroit just isnt saving the city, LOL as far as cities dying goes though, detroit is in a bad way, but my city, kokomo, IN was considering the fastest dying city like 2 years ago and its making a comeback we are known for steel, chrysler transmission plant, old world headquarters for delco before it became delphi, and many first inventions, so if we can do it hopefully detroit can turn around
  11. yea, notice i mentioned old used phone, usually people dont keep service plans on old used phones, but maybe thats just me, lol just wifi only, educational stuff and games. my kids love the starfall website, really educational. my 6 year old found it when he was 3 and his school actually started using it as an extra learning tool in his class, LOL my 6 year old also has an ipad through school I will note my 6 year old is autistic, he is quite advanced in the way of intelligence, however he is way behind in the way of social skills., but computers give him a way to enhance both at his own speed
  12. LOL. My 6 year old is very fluent on a computer, been using it since he was 3 and my 3 year old is actually more interested in touch screen but he has been using the computer more often recently since his phone (old used one) is breaking down. Next paycheck i am also buying them a nexus 7 32gb model, it will technically be for the whole family, but i wont be using it s much as my note 2 is just fine. We are a tech family, LOL. Well tech and legos, the boys love legos, must be that minecraft addiction
  13. Here is one of the presents for my boys', a custom built PC, well these are the parts, I am going to let the boys help me put it together when they open it on christmas day. Since I couldnt buy it when I initially picked out the parts, I ended up being able to upgrade the ram and processor and save 20 bucks thanks a newegg sale, lol. No pics yet, as I just ordered the parts online. Mini Tower case, Radeon R7 2GB Graphics card, Thermaltake 650w power supply, AMD six core cpu, 8GB ram, 1TB HDD, DVD Burner, keyboard/mouse Havent bought the monitor yet, but I will be getting either a 19inch or low 20s inch tv for it My boys are 6 and 3, so this will get them by for a while. With my taxes I am going to buy another so they can each have their own.
  14. Just picked up a Fluke 111True RMS DMM. This is the photo from the listing.
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