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  1. I think the caraudio site I looked up recently recommended 11" of port...
  2. I realized that... and not one person on SSaudio had something different to say, but then again they don't always pay as much attention to my threads it seems... My name isn't known enough maybe... lol So.... The idea is by spring.... get an idea for the trunk... Decide whether I want it enough... or just stay sealed and give it more power... Honestly right now its loud as hell with only 500w and that isn't constant power... My voltage is shitty sometimes going to 13.1 or 12.9 ... So with the Mechman alt I'm getting soon it may be slightly louder since I will be getting better power...
  3. MB Quart... Good stuff! I don't run below 2ohm as I don't like knowing that my equipment is running at it's hardest 24/7 ... I generally look for amplifiers that can put out power at 2ohm and keep my subwoofer at that impedance as well. Mids and highs generally 8ohm to 4ohm.... But again MB Quart is good...
  4. take a picture of that connection you made? I think I might encounter the same issue... Although I'm thinking of running a small distro... 8ga to 4ga maybe???
  5. lol... 15" isn't tons of cone??? Yea, 33" is the opening... I was suggested to throw 2- 4" aero kits from PSP into the box I currently have... That would give me a tuning of 32hz... @ 2.99 cubes
  6. in this image you can see about 2.5inches left between my box and the rear deck. Obviously going to remove the rear speakers, but what can I do about the trunk system? those bars are in the way???
  7. guess what... FML... I just remeasured my trunk... 22" would leave me like no room... should I just say goodbye to the trunk or stick with sealed and up the amplifier???
  8. kinda what I wanted to hear... ... appreciate that diagram and work up... do you use Torres when you design or you just did it to compare with my original?
  9. Had a few people telling me 33-34hz is all that is needed....
  10. ahhh... what are your feelings on daily tuned that low? I was originally going to try for 27-28hz... but couldn't find many that do...
  11. is there a rule that the bend cannot go beyond a 'L'-shape? Like if I wanted to go 5" in width for the port, I'd risk going a few hz to 34 but would it be better to have more port area or is 4" enough???
  12. lol.... thanks... and no the inside opening to the trunk is smaller.... it's some shitty like rounded rectangle.... the box I currently have is about 2-3" taller than that opening...
  13. Also with a slot the box seems like it needs to be considerably bigger.... You know what i mean?
  14. The trunk opening is 35"... Had one box in here at 34" previously and it fit, but I don't remember all of the dimensions TBH... The side firing idea is for the simple fact that is the only way I can get the ports the length I need with a 8" aero.... Also going wider rather than deeper allows me to still have trunk space to throw shit in there when I need to, also the reason I wanted to do sub up.... Any better ideas? I'm lost.... So that's why.. lol
  15. used paint but you get the idea???lol
  16. Correct... this is for a 15" Xcon... I have it sealed currently... But I would like to have the sub facing up(at the rear deck) and the ports to the side... In order to do so, 15" for height of the box and 22" deep... The subwoofer on its own has a displacement of .20 cubes... I over estimated for bracing which will be needed since I want to do top mount and not front like it is currently.. Does that make sense?
  17. What you're asking is hard to answer. If you're trying to achieve SQ and SPL, you're trying to achieve something that is impossible to achieve. (SQ = Imaging, clarity, etc, etc) .... You lose all that once you start climbing above 130db. If all you're looking for is to 'hear' your highs in combination with bass, then you can get away with cheap speakers and loud tweeters combined with power. Given what you're asking... I think you'd be making a mistake buying $400 + speakers just to keep up with your bass... Seeing as $125 worth of speakers could have the same output.... this...^^^ ... I would go with a nice component setup.. and bridge that amplifier @ 4ohms... Pioneers C1720 I believe is the model are good... you could also look into the Image Dynamic CTX65
  18. love dogs... been looking at a shiba inu as a work out partner but housing does not permit ... might have to get a cat...
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