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  1. That's like saying your only 25 dB from being as loud as Craig Butler or only 3 seconds from being as fast as Usain Bolt. At the end of the day you're not close.
  2. Those first hoosiers are sketchy as hell on the top end in a 5000 lb suv with 420 hp. I bet they'd be fun in a 3k lb car with 600 hp.
  3. He had street radials too. There's definitely factory freaks and disappointments. Not every car is going to be the same. That's nice to be able to drive an 11 sec car withe headers and radials.
  4. We have three locals with them. Not sure on the years and difference between them. I've seen 12.8, 12.9, and 13.1. I have a time slip against the 13 sec one. He was a young guy at the track for the first time so I wouldn't hold that against the car. By the way I'm not trying to bash the car. I love them. If I wasn't a GM/LSx fan boy and hell bent on the CTS-V, I'd like to own one. My initial statement pertains to all makes and models. I own a cammed TBSS. I remember when I got it and read it ran high 13s stock. The track is similar to the term lab. It can really hurt your feelings if your expectations are high.
  5. The IS-F may run mid 12s in perfect conditions and great air, but they're running high 12s, low 13s more times than not. Anytime you see a listed 1/4 mile time for a car that's on a track with good prep, good temp, good da, and an experienced driver. You see it all the time at the track when guys bring their stock cars expecting to run a time they saw on the Internet only to feel down afterwards. When they don't take all the variables into play. Stock naturally aspirated cars are affected by weather conditions more than the modded or forced induction ones.
  6. It's a SUV. It's better served from a dig. A tune will make the SRT come alive.
  7. lil_walbanger was the white Yukon/storm trooper Zfrerichs...seemed like he had a big build in a Dodge Dakota that I never saw finished.
  8. Mr P Don't remember the screen name but he had Soundstream equipment in a white Yukon with black wheels(storm trooper?) Couple off the top of my head.
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