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  1. Thanks for the answers guys, love this forums willingness to help! I'll try to get a build log going with this! & sorry for being such a noob lol im working on it.
  2. Dang, thanks that makes sense. totally overlooked that! But there wouldn't be a problem splitting the port? as opposed to having one single port channel? Thats my real question. & guys the box is 3.5 cuft., with 13 inches of port per cube, tuned to 33hz.
  3. Anyone know if this type of port division would cause any issues? 3 inches wide, 26 inches long total. 2 12" DC LVL 4's SUBS FACING UP!
  4. Lol i was in this spot about a year ago... wanted to get 2 SSA xcon 12's on like 5K... i thought money wasnt an issue either lol. take this advice from teenager to teenager, do a bit more research on here man. ive been lurking ( ) on here for quite a while and have learned quite a bit... their is no BEST equiptment , or a solid setup that is set in stone. you have to figure out what works for YOU and your application. wait a bit before you splurge on a big ass system. start small with an inexpensive 12" and practice building boxes etc. oh, and another thing, the best way to learn is by doing it yourself
  5. To answer your question. yes it would power them. each sub would see roughly 250 watts. PS. Audioque SD's are a type of AQ sub. they also make amps...
  6. based on the PSP aeroport calc, both of those aero's would need to be ~15 inches long (including flare) in order to result in a 34 hz tuning. ps. aeros sound MUCH better than slot ports IMO (if done right)
  7. my friend rolled up to my house one day with a lil kicker cvr 12 on about 250 watts. i flipped shit from that and was immediately addicted lol. or course i went through that "OMG ALPINE AND JL AUDIO ARE THE BESTTTTT" but now im the go to guy at my school for systems. it has stopped being a hobby and is ore of a lifestyle now. the first thing imma do when i get a new car is measure the trunk.... or mabie the whole backseat area
  8. Bennie Fowler 151.3 With 2 AQ HDC3 12"s http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=201335099885160&comments&set=t.100000260157701&type=1
  9. thats understandable. sorry man, the op isnt giving any info so i just saw the whole thread as a joke. its not really going anywhere...
  10. bahahahahaaaa if the noobs are not going to try to help how about they stop being fuck tards. you need to describe whats happening better. take longer than 1 min to give some real detail. pics of the system/wiring and a video of the problem will help us the most in figuring this out since you dont have the experience to troubleshoot. sorry for laughing bro.....smfh. and just because i dont have many post doesnt mean im a noob lol
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