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Found 10 results

  1. need help designing a port for my enclosure it is 5 cubic feet and i wish to tune to 38hz please help i dont know where to find 8 inch pvc or port desiging and making the port for me would be applicable for a transfer of funds to the creator and maker i would pay shipping thanks in advance i also would like 2 ports if possible 4" in diameter plus please
  2. im trying to figure out this port area thing, how do u know how much is needed. does this box look right it for aq hdc3 12
  3. Was wondering if this peak in the middle was necessary in a wall like this. Have never done a port like this and might sound like a dumb question, but just wanted to know if it is needed or not.
  4. I need help guys! Is there anyway possible someone could draw me up something on sketchup or something similar for two skar ma-8, they are recommended 1 cuft per sub tuned to 35hz, I have no real experience designing boxes and all help would be greatly appreciated
  5. hey guys quick question for you. on my box i had to paint the port before i assembled the box in order the get the led's in and what not. anyways now im paint the whole box and i don't know how to correct go about the next part. when started sanding and laying down primer i taped off the port a little ways down so that crap in there and so primer wouldn't fall all the way down the port. and well after the primer, i took off the covering and taped it again a little further down the port so i could sand smooth the primer. unsanded sanded anyways, im getting ready to start painting some color on the port and im wondering if i should leave the new taping so the over spray doesn't fall down to the bottom. or if i should take it off cause there's gonna be a really noticeable line where the tape is right now. any input would be greatly appreciated. edit: dang spelling
  6. Hey guys right now I'm in the process of designing a new box but I'm not sure If I want my port on the drivers side, or in the center. Currently my box is firing forward sealed off with the port on the drivers side. It gets nasty low with both front windows down. Will having a center port change that? Im sure it will but I just dont know How or What its going to change.
  7. so this is not a question of the location and facing of the sub box, but the sub mount into the box. so im building a new box for my x-12. but it came to me. is the position of the sub a factor and if it is how much of one. so is there a difference whether the sub is centered in the face of the box vs offset or does the relation to the port matter (port facing a different direction form sub face?) and so on so forth and how much do these factors change. any info or insight would be awesome.
  8. So I have already built a 6 cubic inch box with 3/4 MDF. Box Specs Width-40" Height-18" Depth-19 1/2" Right now its just a sealed box, but i want to port it to about 28 hz. Can anyone help me figure out the port size and all of that? Iv never done a port. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi guys, below I have designed a box with all external dimensions using 3/4 wood. I want to tune this to around 32 hertz, any one kind enough to help me out with the port dimensions. The height is already 12.5" but I need to determine the width and the length of the two pieces in red in order to get the right port length. Height-14" width-35" Depth-24" BTW this is for two rockford T1 12"
  10. all right so i have 2 pioneer ts-w310s4's im getting 2 more so i want to build a box that can house all 4 of them, i have an L port box right now should be tuned around 32hz give or take bad measurements and a short time frame, and it slams hard, sony 1400w amp (getting a 2nd 1 for 2 subs) around 300 rms (each sub) i think? but i will be building this box to fit in the trunk of my car! i don't know what way to face the subs? should i go with a steve design in the Tahoe but with an L port? i havn;t had any experience with actual ports, i just want to shock people with the bass i want to feel it! im already the best system at my school i just want to go above and beyond and for my pleasure i love a loud system. so my questions are does any one have a 4 12" build for a trunk? it says .85-1.75 ft3 per sub but thats sealed what should it be ported?, what would i get if i went went with the max ft3 it says? my goal was to be some where around 6ft3 around 32hz with a L port, i was thinking maby dual L ports but im open to options i just want it to slam hard so give me some more knowledge im an amature when it comes to building boxes, please guys! thanks!
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