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Found 61 results

  1. I need help guys! Is there anyway possible someone could draw me up something on sketchup or something similar for two skar ma-8, they are recommended 1 cuft per sub tuned to 35hz, I have no real experience designing boxes and all help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Just got a new enclosure design for 2 12 AB subs, the port is 3.5 inches wide. I showed a friend the design and he is said the port should be wider. What is the concept behind port size? Bigger louder? Smaller cleaner sound? Is it a calculation? Or is it just based on personal preference?
  3. need help designing a port for my enclosure it is 5 cubic feet and i wish to tune to 38hz please help i dont know where to find 8 inch pvc or port desiging and making the port for me would be applicable for a transfer of funds to the creator and maker i would pay shipping thanks in advance i also would like 2 ports if possible 4" in diameter plus please
  4. In regards to the image, here is my design for 2 warden 21" subs. Box is about 17.5 cubes total after displacement and some bracing. Port will be about 12" wide by 22.5" (internal dimensions) long about 33hz tuning (270" port area). So my question is, I can leave the spot underneath the port without a separator wall, or I can add a separator shown on the right. Aside from adding bracing to the box, would it lower port tuning a little? (in the thought of the air will hit the divider and move up, as if adding some port length?) If the subs allow I may make the port slightly longer, but tuning would max go to 31hz even if i add 6 inches internally to the port. So I dont think I will extend it if the box allows. The port will be pretty close to both woofers. I intuitively don't think it'll affect port tuning, but would it cause any issues adding the separator almost up to the port? Or if anyone has some input on changing where the port goes. The sides are very close to the vehicle walls so a port to the side may not be the best. And there isnt room to port forward.
  5. okay so i was initially putting a sa-15 on 1k in my milan (which i did) but im starting a new build in like 3 months and seem to keep raising the question where should my ports be? well let me explain the build.....ok so the build is 6 sundown eV.3 8" subs on a rubicon 2500.1d ive researched electrical and found out that with my 150a alt and an xs d925 i can more then supply the power so with that being said im buying 2/0 ga wire to do the big 3 (overkill?) i have located 2/0 to 1/0 reducers from shca....box will be posted below....so the box is going to be a wall type build pretty much walled off directly behind the rear seats (60/40 split) my question is should i fire my ports up (towards the trunk) forward (towards the cab) or back (towards the rear bumper)
  6. Hey guys I'm looking for a recommendation for a box for (3) kicker compS 10's sv2ohm, right now there in a 4th order rear chamber 2.9 front is 1.5 tuned to 30hz, it sounds pretty good it's powered by a pioneer 5680 I think pretty sure it's around 800rms @ 1ohm. I've got it wired to 1.34ohm. The subs are rated for 300rms so it's underpowered, I think that might be the main reason it's not as loud as I thought it would be. Head unit is a Kenwood, it's in a 2006 impala. Do you guys think this setup might be better in a ported/ sealed box? Or should I just up the juice with a bigger amp? I know these ain't the greatest subs this is my lil bros setup and all he can afford rite now. Just want to get the most out of it. But a 1200 rms budget amp isn't out of the questions. He's 18 he just wants the thing to slam.
  7. Hello, this is my first post in this forum so i am obviously new here. I've been building slot port boxes for a little over a year now for myself with great success and decided i wanted to look into aero ports to save trunk room (a gross ~6.65cuft box isn't, say, ideal for a cavalier) lol. i have done tons of searching for my question but cannot seem to find it anywhere. my sub is a 15" PA Mofo-152x and i was planning on making a 4cuft internal volume box with two 4"x9.8" flared aero ports to get a 38hz tune but am unsure on where to put the ports themselves. what my question is, is can i put the sub directly in the middle with one aero on either side of the sub? or do the ports need to be on one side and the sub on the other more similar to a slot port? or does it really even matter? id like to do the first because of looks and because of the equilibrium of the box but if its not a good thing to do then the second will be fine! Thank you in advance for any replies! -Dante'
  8. Hey everyone. Im new to the forum so forgive me for the "newbieness" have always read topics on the forum but decided to finally join! I mean im here all the time so why not. But to get to what I need help with! Have been working on a new build for my truck (2004 silverado ext cab) plans are for 2 dc audio xl 10s under the seat with a dc audio 5k for power. Alternator batterys and all those goodies to come as well. I use bass box pro for designing my boxes. Have played around alot on the program and am familiar with it. Nothing too extensive tho as far as knowledge goes with it. I have tried and tried every way (that I know of) to to get 1 cubic ft of air space (recomended air from the dc website and personally from rob and rusty from dc) but my problem is that in order to have a box be 1 cubic ft and tune it in the low 30s the port is around 50 inches long. Thats just about an average length ive come up with. Tried slot ports pvc/aero ports. Not sure what to do to get 1 cubic ft air space and tune from 31-35 without an insanely long port?? Iike I said im pretty new and its my first post so any help or ideas is appreciated. Hpefuly im just having a brain fart and its a totally easy thing im overlooking haha.
  9. Hey guys, I am building a box for my buddies SA-15 which he is having reconed by PSI and figured I would try my hand at an aero port. He wants the box tuned to about 35Hz and I have no idea how to do aero ports. *disregard the aero port input in torres. TIA for any help
  10. my box is 4.4 cubes for two twelves and is seperated. it's for to sa12's tuned at 36 hz. Minimum port diameter for round ports is 6.91 in for no port noise. i bought two sets of aeroports, 3 in and 4 in. Question: Do I need to use both sizes or is 4 inch big enough. IF I USE BOTH what length do I make each. thanks this would help me alot. if you need a picture of the box i can provide.
  11. So I bought this bohemoth of a subwoofer, the X 15 from sundown. I got a box already built with 5.4 ft^3 after sub displacement, just waiting for an aero port. I'm probably going to tune it to ~29-30 Hz. I'll be putting about 1800 - 2000 watts on it. My true question is about some recommendations on the port area, port diameter, and port length you guys have. Which would be best? I have two 4" aero ports, and I could use those, but I was thinking either a single 6" or 8". Just let me know. Thanks in advance, Kyle
  12. i need someone who will teach me how to calculate and tune ports correctly, so if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Can anyone tell me the freq. that the SA-12 single box design...http://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/products/subwoofers/item/sa-series.html is? According to my calculations, it is around 27hz, but I'm using a port calc, and I'm not even close to being a port expert. Thanks in advance!
  14. im trying to figure out this port area thing, how do u know how much is needed. does this box look right it for aq hdc3 12
  15. Hi, Apologies about the 'MASSIVE' picture. Basically I'm looking to make a couple of changes to my box to see if it will make it any louder? I'm running 2 15's and still getting pretty mad door flex, in fact my drivers side window has broken since installing this box behind the door card which has developed a nasty rattle! But hey ho, I'm still looking for more bass! I sketched that picture up quickly, I know it's a little bit of an odd shape... Solid black lines are the 'outlines' of the box shape, grey lines are the internal joins of the box. Yellow is a bit of bracing I've stuck in it and that's how the box currently sits. If I were to add port lines/walls inside the box (Indicated by the red lines) What would I need to account for, and how would it change the box? Would it change it for better or for worse? Reason being I had this box made and a few people have suggested it isn't ported right and I need port walls rather than just a port exit..? Thanks in advance!
  16. im building a wall for 4-15" HDC4s, 16.75ft^3 before sub displacment, tuned 37hz, 17in^2 per cube port area. each sub will be running of a BC3500d from crescendo. so far my box design... will simply sliding the port to the center and putting 2 subs on each side effect the tuning if i keep the port length and area the same? i like the look of center ports alot more then driver side ports......
  17. Was wondering if this peak in the middle was necessary in a wall like this. Have never done a port like this and might sound like a dumb question, but just wanted to know if it is needed or not.
  18. I have been doing research on car audio on and off for the past 2-3 years. After going back and forth with many different choices, I narrowed it down to and purchased my first system. I decided on an American Bass XFL 1244 powered by an American Bass VFL4480.1D @ 2 ohms. I have my truck wired with 4 gauge (later plan to upgrade to 0). The only issue I have been dwelling on for the past couple of months is building the box for my sub that should be here within the next week. I have little knowledge of doing so. I have a 2000 Silverado extended cab and I plan to do something similar to a center console build for my rear seat. This way I will be able to keep enough space for two passengers in the back. With that being said, I would need to be able to have a box within 18x19x20. I want to do a ported box for the single 12" 2-2.5 cubes @ 32hz. I would love to be able to find dimensions for such a box so that I can make my dream come true within the next week. If I cannot find someone willing to help me with accomplishing that, I would appreciate if I could at least learn how to do so. I am willing to do whatever it takes to overcome my difficulties with this box build. Thanks, and let's get this truck making some noise.
  19. Hello, Reading around I was not able to find a definitive answer to my questions, so I decided to take the initiative and experiment myself! The question in mind is one alot of people seem to be having. WHERE SHOULD I POINT THE PORT AND SUBWOOFER TO MAXIMIZE SQ/SPL/SOUND TO EAR. So let us get started shall we? The truck in mind here is the ford extended cab, which is the same for many years(if someone can be more specific, feel free to chime in). These same boxes could obviously be used in other trucks, along with cars. THE RESULTS HERE ARE ONLY SPECIFICALLY APPLICABLE TO THIS GENERATION OF FORD EXT CABS The questions: 1. Does it make a difference where I put the box? 2. Does it make a difference if I fire the ports sideways(and if so, which way?), up, back, etc? 3. Does it make a difference If I fire the driver down, forwards, backwards, etc? 4. And finally, if the above does in fact make a difference, Which way is 'best'? The above questions, and any others, I can answer with the experiment. This will be done so and documented over the next week. As of now, I have designed the boxes in SketchUp, and layed them out in WinISD alpha. Both are EXTREMELY close on the Magnitude chart, so it should be as close as possible of a comparison. These boxes will be number 2 and 3 in my building career, however the first one turned out great Attatched are the SketchUp files, as well as the project in WinISD alpha. If someone, or multiple, would look over the designs to make sure I did not miss anything and got the ports right, I would GREATLY appreciate it. The more eyes the better, right? Boxes: The boxes have IDENTICLE outside deminsions, and are extremely close in NET volume(not perfect due to different double baffles) Tuned to 34.14 and 34.70, respectively 1) has the sub firing down, up, or forward depending on how I flip it, and the port to the side. http://www.mediafire.com/download/e5su25z4c4152ht/Box_1%2C_Downfiring.skp 2) has the sub firing forwards, and the port up. This one could also be flipped to make it sub up, port any which way, or even sub back. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2k6y77ve49rq47d/Box_2%2C_Forward_firing.skp The drivers to be used in this experiment are Sundown X-10 Version 2. For later experiments they will likely be switched to SA-10s, as the X's will go in a future build. This experiment will be extensively studied, as it will help me, among others, with future builds. This is my way of beginning my contribution to the community! WinISD alpha file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cg2ha55b323affw/X10_Experiment.wpr
  20. Hello i currently have a 3.6 cu box tuned around 36 hz with two 4 inch aeroports 12 inches in length. the box measures 34"w x 16"h x 16"d outside dimensions. i want a new box for my 2 sa 12s that will work perfect with the new bc2000d amp that is on its way looking for something for rock and rap styles of music i would like to try a slotted port design with a flush baffle for the subs. i currently have the box firing into the cabin and would like to do the same thing with the new box. i have 38" x 17" x 17" max space if it is firing into cabin. the car is a 2011 ford focus ses sedan. if you guys could give me ideas, designs, tips, anything i would greatly appreciate it!!!!! THANKS!
  21. Which way should I face my subs and port? I am leaning towards firing the subs up and have the port firing to the rear? I currently do not have a design plan yet due to inexperience with designing a subwoofer box. Also to save on box space would an aero port be more suitable for my box build and maybe be better than a slot port?
  22. Ive got a box designed for my 2002 chevy 1500 ext cab. The box is 9.0ft^3 and im putting 2 sundown x15's in it on 2 sundown 1500D's @1ohm. I have the box designed with 3 4" wide tube ports, and for tuning at 30hz, it was somewhere around 10 inches for each tube. Will this be enough port space for these subs? Im not exactly sure the requirements on the port size or area. I originally had a box designed for 2 DC level 4 15's, but decided I was going to go with sundown instead. The box size was 7.5ft, but now 9ft. Any suggestions on port size, will 3 4" ports be enough? Thanks for any help guys
  23. http://imgur.com/a/1KDsc 1.5" x 1.5" Thickness MDF Is the bracing blocking the aero port out too much? I was thinking about maybe removing the center vertical bar or the horizontal one, maybe even both.
  24. I was wanting to upgrade from 2 e8v3 on a mrxm100 alpine mono so I looked around and noticed sundown had a new sub line the x series I saw the price and I ordered it so I have the sundown x-12 d4 and I went to look up some specs, now my problem is I don't know where to start with the box I know ill tune to mid 30s so like 33 or 35hz but as for the size of the box no idea I have built boxes for many set ups but not one with a sub like this
  25. Open hatch SUV (Trailblazer/Envoy) subwoofer up, port back. Sub on left side of box, port on right = loudest for passenger? or Sub on right side of box, port on left = loudest for passenger? Simple question just need a simple answer thanks!
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