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  1. i dont see how u dont have massive port noise.. ive done 2 boxes with straight pvc..and it was a total fail compared to a flared port you can flare that pvc pipe yourself use a heatgun and find a bowl to the size of flare you want and evenly heat the pipe and push pdown at the same time.. dip in cold water to hold the shape
  2. riiiight if that were the case lemme sell my high amp alt and xs power batteries and get me one of these.. geez it can magically produce 600amps.. two of these puppies and u could run 6k plus.. yeeaaa right
  3. i had a 96 cavalier a 99cavy a 2001 and 2002 cavalier all of them had 1" clearance on the top of the humps.. not where it dips down for the ass part of the seat but the top humps
  4. general rule in MOST suv's is subs up port back some do subs and port up and general rule of thumb for port area is 12 to 16" per cube
  5. so you want someone to give you a free design? id help but not for free lol
  6. i play everything country rock rap bluegrass christian music etc etc
  7. walling a cavy is NO different than any other car honestly if you cant figure out how to START anything you dont need to go any further most walls consist of building it inside the car 2x4 base and use construction adhesive and a few screws to secure it.. keep it away from the gas tank.. that tank is about 1" below that metal on the inside of that car
  8. i could do shit like that when i was in school.... i got really good there for awhile and then moved on to dirtbikes lol. rode a haro f3 with sealed bearings all around triple wall rims etc etc..( 700dollar bike)
  9. why do people do a badass system and use a stock radio? to me it defeats the purpose
  10. well for one a suv dosnt have a trunk.. called a cargo area and yes smaller cars generally get louder easier
  11. the 1500w is PLENTY for the boss subs. i bet they are the phantom series.. hold a whopping 250 300w per you wont hear a difference from 1500 to 2000w .. bc if you dont have the electrical to supply either choice..the 2000 will suffer alot more
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