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  1. anybody ever think mr meade could help you hes in tighter with ascendant audio than anybody else
  2. weee little tiny port think its loud now build a new box with bigger port in the 14 to 16" per cube range
  3. im all for a wall in the process of building one right now i had a 94 civic with 4 american bass dx 10s walled (yes i did a wall for 4 little 10s)..and ranthem on 500w rms daily.. and i could do a very decent hairtrick in the 30hz range ( best score i got with it was like a 147.x) at the vey end..i upd the power to 3k and did a burp of 148.x
  4. those are sad sad scores also 8 18s and only a 156 lol.. and 24 10s also.. ive seen many guys do a better score with 1/3 that equipment
  5. rockford does make decent amps..but FARRRR from the best for me wayy to overpriced for what they are and NOBODY out there pays full retail..if you do your retarded
  6. oo and when ur taking a shit and that little splash of toilet water goes right up ur asshole.. i HATE that.. and i know u all know what im talking about
  7. seems like to me EVERY SINGLE TIME a person almost hits me is either a arab or a mexican or asain i call these ethnically challenged drivers.. to make matters worse for me a arab bitch moved in next door to me.. and this morning she woke me up banging on my door..FUCKING 730AM asked if she could get a ride to buy some cigs.. exact words.. fuck off and slammed the door in bitches face.. i wanted to cuss he out even more but i know she wouldnt know what the fuck im saying
  8. have you actiually bled the system?? release that little bleeder valve on the inlet of the radiator hose housing.. fill it up till it runs out... run it for awhile let it cool and repeat process.. also radiator cap was 15bux for mine ( same cap same radiator as you.. also radiator cost me 85bux)
  9. my old civic work car did this also ( 94 eg hatch) 1st issue was a old radiator hose collapsing ( old hoses are real soft) and a little bit of airlock in the system will virtually stop all flow then i replaced all the hoses and a week later the head gasket went.. bc it was alreeadt stressed..because it got hot a couple time
  10. all this kicker going to wally world is just overstock items they dont make subs specifically for walmart youll prolly find last years model of subs there or the year before.. even the sony subs are old surplus items..bc u sure dont see on the box MADE FOR WALMART..
  11. yourself? I'd charge somewhere around 100 bucks to do both pods shipped back to you. yes i did them myself..i do EVERYTHING myself.. actually i learned how to fiberglass at a very young age
  12. yea.. fiberglass is NOT hard to do and not as expensive as everybody thinks it is.. hell i glassed my tweeters in my dash for under 50bux
  13. nice progress so far but uhh.. for actual show quality them tweeters need glassed in.. look 1000x better.. sound better also heres my point of view.uve went thru alll the trouble with neat wiring etc etc..and u got a tweeter surface mounted like everyday joe shmoes do,, if you wanna actually win trophies or anything of the like.. you need to make that extra effort
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