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  1. What would be the price of a 1.2k and a 2.0k shipped 27803? like what would the 1.2k be and What would the 2k be
  2. @rao: there are some great box designers here in community and their prices for designs are more than reasonable. I bet you could build it with the design @bobby: I really appreciate you looking out. If I wasn't saving for Alt, mid/high amp, some components I'd prolly do a little build with some 8's. Also gotta pick up about 20' of 1/0. I love my audio addiction but its expensive haha
  3. I appreciate it man. Still going to do all 8ga on the outside if the box and looking for some nice 10ga for the interior of the box. Might go 10ga for it all but I already got some 8ga I could use on the outside. What's going on with your box though man?
  4. @big: pretty cool yall look out for each other @bobby: looks like I'll be on the search for a cheap 200-400w amp in the next month or so. I want to build a t-line mainly for the challange of building it. I will post up any amp I see that I think I might buy to see what yall think about it. Shouldn't be hard to find something between 200-400w though Also I got a video up loading to YouTube of the SA-8 playing after I got the 1.5" aeros replaced with 2" aeros. Should be able to post it up shortly.
  5. @big: your lucky to know the owner like that so he can help you out. Thats a good shop right there @Bobby: I sure do appreciate it man. Hopefully someone one day can get some help from this thread. As for a t-line what do you think? 200-400w?
  6. You could email Debbie at Sundown and grab a blown woofer from them. The yardsale thread isnt open anymore but I believe they have a couple 10/12's but got plenty of 8's. I got $40 in the motor basket, $45 in the recone, and about $15-18 in supplies. So right about $100 in my venture. I didnt want to blow a sub so I just bought one from the company. Also I believe Skay has some blown MA-8's and they sell recones also.
  7. Haha I just can't afford a SMD 18. One day I will be able to afford the top of the line equipment tho. Ill sure help ya out if you ever need help reconing one of yours. Hopefully you won't be loosing any coils anytime soon tho bro. I will prolly always go with the aluminum SPL coils though cause its taking the power in throwing at and seems pretty happy as long as I'm like 1/2 tilt haha. ~1800w would prolly be too much for this woofer. Well it would've for extended periods of time. It will handle a 1.8k burp tho.
  8. I appreciate it bro. It was a really good learning experience and I'm glad to get the recone process under my belt. I just need to learn how to do direct leads and ill be set. 8 of these would be sick though. I would have to get lucky find 8 v1.5's. I'm addicted to 18's though. A t-line is in store for this 8 however. Breaking in the spider: (hope this vid works its through photobucket) http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa409/252chevyboyz/52DB2F08-1B4B-46D0-B2D6-26B36289DECF-2501-0000026B253E8747.mp4
  9. I sure appreciate it man. Haha If you were local I'd sure help you out. It takes a little time and a lot of patience. What you tryin to recone man?
  10. Well here is what I did. Got frustrated with the direct leads so went back with the push terminals. The box I threw together for it has a little port noise in it on low notes so I am going to replace the 1.5" aeros with 2" aeros. Also looking to build a t-line for this sub. I would need a t-line that would allow the sub to take around 1k rms
  11. I got the original push terminals but wouldn't direct leads be much more rugged and perform better than push terminals? Also given this sub will never see more than 1-1.2k rms Any tips on soldering direct leads? Like any specific solder or any certain method I should use when attaching/soldering them? Thanks, -James
  12. Now on to attaching the dust cap I used a piece of masking tape doubled over on itself to hold and help position the dust cap. Got some glue (loctite 5min epoxy) on the edge of the cap and i put it along the cone where the cap would touch. I used a round toothpick to place the glue on the cap and cone so I wouldn't make if look sloppy. Also I roughed up the cone where the cap would touch to give the glue a better chance at holding. Dust cap on and tape removed I put a full can on top to add some weight so it wouldn't move. I let it sit over night like this
  13. Once I got to attaching the surround I wiped the landing off twice. Once with alcohol and then a 2nd time with acetone. Then proceeded on Laid the glue (E-6000) down: I used a half of a paper clip to go along the edge if the surround to make sure it was pressed down in the glue. Just don't press too hard and squeeze all the glue out. Forgot to get pics of it paper clipped all the way around but here it is tack free and holding its own:
  14. Cooling spacer on basket: Basket attached to the motor: Cleaning out the motor gap: Dirty motor gap: Dropped the cone in for the first time: Shimming the coil: Glueing the bottom of the spider to the slider landing: Laid a bead on top of the spider just to make sure: How I had the leads held up so they would t also get glued down: Once the glue was tack free I put the leads back down:
  15. Well I got the recone package yesterday and reconed it after i finished cooking dinner. The process really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Pretty straight forward and as long as I took my time seemed rather easy. I guess I'll see how we'll I glued it after I get it in a box and throw some power to it. Anyway got plenty of pics from the process so ill start gettin em up here
  16. Well I got my shipping/tracking number this afternoon so the recone is on the way said it should be delivered tomorrow afternoon. I'm glad I live within SA's home state so shipping doesn't take very long. I will have pics of the recone hopefully after work tomorrow and ill post em up soon as I get them. A few shots of the SA-8 motor weight and all the supplies in one spot
  17. Naw man I tried emailing Debbie at sundown but haven't gotten anything back. I ordered it back on 9/11/12 so it's almost been 2 weeks but I was thinkin something around 2 weeks for a recone. I am guessing the recone is having to be made or something. Jacob did get those new tooled baskets in for the new line of subs so that might have slowed the production of recones. I'm not totally sure. I'm anxious to get her playing but I don't want to rush the masterminds behind sundown though. I'm sure it will come in pretty soon
  18. Gotta say I like the frames and the new mechanics of those 10's sound sick. I may be replacing my AQ with sundown sometime in the future when funds allow it. Anyway great update and all the work is appreciated as y'all keep taking your audio to a new level. Can't wait to see how the leads and spider packages come out.
  19. One box I build for it will be a burp box and then an aero box and a slot port. Already got that one aero box but I'll build another. These small boxes are addictive. I don't think I'll put her on a 1ohm load on the Rubi. I'll prolly run @4ohm on the Rubi which I think is around 1-1.2k rms. I will buy a dedicated amp for the SA-8 tho. I want a SAZ-1200 for it but it will be a while before I get the funds
  20. I appreciate the input man. I was talkin to my father who use to own a crown & bridge lab and he used a lot of accelerators with the crown & bridge glue. He had the same opinion on the accelerators. I don't think I'll be using the "extreme power" glue. Instead I'll pick up some loctite tomorrow afternoon. Then that will be the rest of the materials for the recone. I think I might pick up some more clothes pins to go around the surround when I glue it. Once I get these 2 things I'll be ready for the recone to arrive and get it put in
  21. Opinions on the "extreme power glue" and the "loctite 5min epoxy w/ mixing tubes" This will be used to glue the spider down. Also E-6000 will be used to glue the surround -James
  22. I'll be using E-6000 to glue down the surround but was wondering what is best to glue the spider down? Well the black CA glue is prolly the best but I can't find any of that here in Rocky Mount. What I did find was this: Or should I use the Loctite 5 minute epoxy w/ mixing tubes? http://www.loctiteproducts.com/p/epxy_5min/overview/Loctite-Epoxy-Instant-Mix-5-Minute.htm
  23. I really appreciate man. Great company with unmatched customer service here. Lookin forward to seeing and hearing this beast of a "little" sub. Also im excited to get my first recone under my belt. I may end up buying one more in the future and repeating the process so I'll have 2 then -James
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