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  1. I hope you are gonna do two ro three more layers up there before you hang that headliner back in there.... One layer just isnt gonna do it.
  2. Unless you got it in writing, keep begging and hope for the best....
  3. Wasnt swinging at you Roscoe..... just a lot of childish banter going on.... And besides, anybody in blue should be able to comment AND critique , most of the admins are pros and work in the industry....
  4. Leave the carpet in the edge of the port, just trim it up nice, and paint the inside of the port black....shoulda done that before the carpet got glued down. Tape up the carpet around the prot so it wont show the overspray....you mask it off like it needs to be to get paint only where you want it. And if you are gonna start building boxes and what not on the regular, invest in a finish nailer and a good set of 24 or 36 inch clamps.... glue up your edges good, clamp it down tight, and stick some trim nails in it , about a 1-1/2 or so inch nail. you will get a much smaller hole, and the nails will take the place of the clamps while the glue dries up good.... screws just offer up way too many chances for mistakes IMO... splitting wood, or predrilling holes, then all the wood filler and sanding.... you can fill the tiny little nail holes with a bit of putty on your finger and you may have to just graze over it with a bit of sandpaper by hand.... big timesaver, and much cleaner....
  5. you should re read the thread... but they are Katskinz, and they are not really something you wanna try to install yourself, unless you are good at upholstering
  6. www.oznium.com has them prewired with resistors for pretty cheap. Hope you like to solder. http://www.oznium.com/prewired-leds
  7. I thought I did.... The time was posted up a little late, But I have made some plans with the wife and a few friends. It rare that I even have a saturday off... I really want to see what my FJ does on a meter, but I will catch a chance at some point. sorry you guys had a bad turn out. Savannah hasnt seen a metering and DB gathering in quite some time....hint...hint....
  8. A while back , I saw that kicker was selling "loaded" enclosures, a solo baric and a round aero style port coming out one side, and they had them stuffed tight with polyfill..... sounded pretty nice in the shop... I think it was a 10 inch, on either a 300 or 600 watt kicker amp. That was over a year ago, so I dont remember the details, but it was a ported box with polyfill ..... I used polyfill in my wifes versa she had with a sealed enclosure. She wanted that tight sealed sound , well she thought she did. Then she got the rogue, and I put a PWK enclosure in it..... that PWK sounds 100 times better than a sealed prefab did.
  9. And it looks like the battery is sliding around in there. Maybe screw down a little block or something to keep it in place?
  10. Yep. That is sorta what I was thinking...... And he was bold about it. Did it in front of all the other pigeons and ducks and Pelicans. He is now , officially , the baddest bird around the pond.
  11. Yeah I went and dug around last night on the net after posting in here and thinking about it. I prolly should have. But yeah, at that time ( I guess I still am , dont go in there much .... dont wanna be one of "those" guys always hanging around and not buying shit ) I was pretty tight with the stereo shop owner and all of the guys who worked there... my former roommate is friends with all of them and has been since they were kids. So more than likely I was getting a " riding the coattails" price .... I dunno... I did get one hell of a deal on my stuff and the stuff for my girls' cars, past and present....Some stuff I didnt buy from there cause they didnt have it right then, or it would just take way too long.... but I try to use them exclusively. anyway... sorry for the babble. The material looks sweet. cant wait to see it.
  12. I thought the O scopes were much more expensive than the prices I have seen on a few of the websites you guys have been getting them from. I am kinda curious about getting one now. I think though the imprint checks that for me, cause I dont get any noticeable audible clipping.... The imprint does some weird things though from what I have read....
  13. He has audio bahn in the F-150, and he just isnt telling anyone. He is prolly also using x-plod amps and a sony deck....
  14. Katskinz are not too bad as far as price goes. I got quoted 750 bucks for two color suede, and a third color choice for stitching , and that was installed two front buckets and the rear bench, and all 5 head rests and 2 armrests in the FJ cruiser. I may have been getting a deal, I never shopped around. That was just me chatting with the guys at the audio shop back last year.
  15. Looks Damn nice, especially the paint finish. I like it. If you wanna get those "ribs" out of your kerf bend, cut them just a little less shallow, maybe a 1/16 " or so, and double the amount of kerf cuts in the bend. Well.... double may be a little too much , so maybe lets say you made 15 cuts, try it with 21 or 22 .... but it looks cool . Just a thought. I havent made a kerf cut in Mdf, especially not that tall, but when I did interior trim carpentry, we ran into that problem quite often. I would think the same rules apply.
  16. A buddy of mine installs Katskinz at the shop he works at. Really nice quality stuff. The have installed covers and replaced carpet ( color change ) in many brand new tahoes and suburbans/ yukons , etc... certainly changes the vehicle for the better. You will be super happy with the results. Cant wait to see the pics.
  17. He must have taken the rest of it down. Here is where I believe it was http://hexibase.com/music/index.html
  18. http://www.autogeek.net/lc-pro-glass-kit.html you can use this on a drill , as well as a orbital polisher.
  19. sweet rims. Looks really good. I had a 06 xB before the FJ . I really miss it sometimes, especially the gas mileage and the 280 dollar car payment.
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