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  1. So its been a GOOD minute since I updated my log. Not a ton new has really happened, but some stuff has gone on. Car got a new set of wheels. 20180918_141132 by [email protected], on Flickr I got myself into a new lithium battery. This is a 68ah Headway cell battery. Should be good for about 8 or 9k. 20181118_035330 by [email protected], on Flickr I recently found out that there was a way to pull the stock touchscreen and climate stuff and install my aftermarket radio so I took the dive and nixed the fiberglass mount I made for the double din and installed this new kit. The fiberglass mount I made was cool and original, but it was a bit of a pain because I had to reach forward everytime I needed to do anything with it. This kit is much cleaner than the stock. 20190215_102752 by [email protected], on Flickr And lastly, I had some battery issues and ended up getting out of AGM and installing a XS Power SuperBank under the hood. That required me to pull the battery isolater so I had to replace it with something so I got with Jim at Jim's MachineWerx and got myself a dual ANL fuse block and got it installed. 20190212_185010 by [email protected], on Flickr And here's how the trunk sits now 20190215_134517 by [email protected], on Flickr 20190215_134535 by [email protected], on Flickr I think I may finally have most of the kinks worked out.
  2. Well my next project is doors. I just found a set of front panels from a police car for $140. Plan is to do 1 maybe 2 PRV 8MR500-NDYs and a TW500MR-ND. This has been one of the things my car has been missing. I'm also waiting on my new lithium battery to be built. Jeff from Droppin' Hz is building me a new 45aH battery with a plexi case. Should be ready soon. Did also finally get my amp back and I'm playing again...thank god.
  3. Well unfortunately I ran into a issue with my amp last weekend. Got in the car, started down the road, turned it up a little bit played fine and then the bass cut out. Turned it down and it came back, turned it back up went a little further and it cut back out again and never came back. Got home and pulled the back plate from it and checked for anything burnt and there was nothing. Started wiggling things and got to one of the caps and it arced. Think one of the solder joints came loose from the board. Good thing is though that I got it sent out to SounDigital and they are going to be fixing it for me. Hopefully I will have it back middle of next week.
  4. I think its more of a bummer for me because I like having it, but I can't justify spending $350 on a new refurb unit. @Kyblack76 were you having issues with yours too?
  5. Finally getting around to updating again. I replaced my NVX JAD800.4 with a SounDigital 1200.4. The car is now completely powered my SounDigital. 20180623_184535 by [email protected], on Flickr I also took the time to do some paint correction. Thing shines like a diamond in a goats ass now. That's the sun, not camera flash. 2018-07-03_05-44-17 by [email protected], on Flickr 20180630_110631 by [email protected], on Flickr And now for the bad news... I've been battling alternator whine forever. It's finally gotten to the point where I just can't take it anymore so I started investigating what could be causing it. I've been having problems with my 360 recently especially the main power harness plug. If I wiggle it, it would make the unit cut out and shut off. I took the unit out and took it apart to check all the solder connections and everything seemed okay. Put it back together and reinstalled it. I decided to completely bypass the 360 by running straight from the 360.3 to the small 400.4 and to the 4" side of the amp. No alt whine doing that. That being said, I could unplug the input RCAs from the 360.3 and the whine was still there! No input signal at all and I'm getting whine so I'm guessing there is something wrong with my 360. My plan now is to use a set of in-line 300hz high pass FMODs on the 4" speaker channels and a set of 5k high pass crossovers on the tweeter channels since the 400.4 doesn't have a crossover adjustment. I'm going to have to split all 4 of the output RCAs from the HU to do it this way, but it should work and get rid of all my alt whine.
  6. So Slam is in the books. I've been dragging my feet getting on here and posting since I've been trying to catch back up on sleep since I didn't get subs loaded til Friday. 20180608_191111 by [email protected], on Flickr I ran into some issues that were my own fault. (Wired to .5ohm instead of 2 ohm) So Saturday night I had to come home and pull subs and rewire them and reinstall which is not fun with 80lb subs in a trunk wall. I tell you what though, the car is pretty nasty now. I've yet to get a good video, but I will. Overall Slam was exciting and eventful. Came away with a few plaques in the tattoo contest too. 20180610_174458 by [email protected], on Flickr Also managed to make it into SounDigital's recap video for a split second which is pretty cool. It's the little things.
  7. It's the reflection. Everything is stuck down well. I will actually be going over all the edges with gloss or flat black 1/4" pinstripes as well.
  8. Not a lot done this weekend. Dedicated charge line was ran from the alt to the lithium. Also received my "new" iPad mini I will use for audio instead of the Samsung tablet.
  9. It's come a LONG WAY. Still a bunch of little things here and there I would like to do. Hell if all goes as planned I'm gonna pay it off this year.
  10. So a lot of work got done on the car this weekend in preparation for Slamolgy. Nothing really audio related though. Saturday I spent all day doing paint correction... This was my first time doing legit paint correction. I am very impressed with the outcome. This was also just one step correction. 20180527_092935 by [email protected], on Flickr On top of the paint correction I went and replaced the old flat black vinyl that I had on the car and replaced it with some new 3M Shadow Black vinyl. 20180526_201753 by [email protected], on Flickr 20180526_204828 by [email protected], on Flickr Sunday I got up and decided to wrap the entire roof in the same 3M Shadow Black. 20180527_123517 by [email protected], on Flickr 20180527_123406 by [email protected], on Flickr My next task is to fix the baffle on the box so I can get the new subs mounted. Slam is only a couple weeks away and I'm running outta time!
  11. Oooooooo dis a bad bitch... 20180517_095635 by [email protected], on Flickr 20180517_095612 by [email protected], on Flickr 20180517_095519 by [email protected], on Flickr Still needs wired up, but damn does it look good in its place.
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